About and Memberships

Current co-convenors: Dr Meryl Kenny University of Leicester and Dr. Kristi Winters, GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

The Women and Politics Specialist Group of the Political Studies Association (PSA) has a rather wider brief than most other specialist groups. It serves two purposes:

  1. It is a focus for PSA members, women and men, whose research is concerned with women or gender.
  2. It is also a resource for women in the PSA whether or not their research is related to gender. The group has a commitment to encourage the presence and visibility of women in the PSA and the discipline, while combating sexism.


  1. To monitor the position of all women studying and teaching politics in UK Further and Higher Education.
  2. To encourage women to study politics in school and in further and higher education.
  3. To take such action as is necessary to improve the representation of women on political studies committees, editorial boards and relevant organisations.
  4. To act as a network of communication and support among women in the discipline.
  5. To encourage research by women.
  6. To encourage research about women.
  7. To encourage women to write up and publish their research.
  8. To provide a forum for discussion of research by and/or about women.
  9. To combat sexism in the content of political studies courses and generate discussion about the masculine assumptions of the discipline.
  10. To liase with other associations concerned with the status of women or with women’s studies.

PSA Women and Politics Constitution (Click for .doc version)


Our group is open to anyone interested in gender and politics, as well as to women political scientists. Members get discounts on the conferences put on by our specialist group and have the option of a discounted subscription rate to the journal ‘Gender and Politics’ - great for keeping up on the latest developments in the area! Memberships run 12 months and are automatically renewed (just drop Kristi Winters an email to cancel your subscription).

To pay email with Paypal use the address:

One year Women and Politics Specialist Group Memberships including a subscription to the highly rated academic journal Politics and Gender

Already a member of the Political Studies Association?

PSA Members Waged (full-time) £35 per year

PSA Members Waged (part-time) £30 per year 

PSA Members Students £10 per year

If not:

Non-PSA Members Waged (full-time) £40 per year 

Non-PSA Members Waged (part-time) £35 per year 

Non-PSA Members Students £12 per year 

Women and Politics Specialist Group Memberships without journal subscription

Already a member of the Political Studies Association?

PSA Members Waged (full-time) £20 per year click

PSA Members Waged (part-time) £15 per year click

Non-PSA Members Waged (full-time) £25 per year click

Non-PSA Members Waged (part-time) £20 per year click

Or fill out this Membership Form (2013) and return it with your cheque made payable to ‘PSA Women and Politics Group’:

Dr Elizabeth Evans
University of Bristol
11 Priory Road

One-stop media shop on women and politics: content aggregation

We gather world-wide media coverage (written in English) related to women and politics. Particular emphasis is given to British politics, but we also provide links on issues of women and politics worldwide. We give priority to Internet articles however, we are starting to include relevant video and audio links.* Preferences is given to news coverage; blog and opinion pieces are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Although some editorial discretion must always be employed, our aim is to represent the diversity in views on these issues. We try to organize the content by themes (representation or voting) or by region. Currently our focus is on the coverage of men and women qua men and women, although coverage of gender equality and women’s issues may be linked when there are distinctly political aspects to the coverage.

We also aim to highlight and bring more attention to the work of our W&P members. We provide links to their blogs as well as promote and (if possible) provide permanent links to their research.

The goal is to be useful and for that to happen we need feedback, requests, comments and ideas from the people who use this site. Please feel free to contact us by email with ways we can improve your experience.

*All images used on this blog are copied from the linked articles they accompany and are credited.  Requests to remove any images should be directed to Kristi Winters (address link above).

Conferences and Workshops

We hold an annual conference or workshop in alternate years. These events are very well attended, bringing together leading scholars and promising postgraduates in the field of women and politics.

For information on events, please click here.

We sponsor panels at the annual conferences of the PSAElections, Public Opinion and Parties Specialist Group of the PSA (EPOP) and the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR).

Essay Competitions

We are proud to sponsor two prize competitions each year, one for undergraduate students of ‘women and politics’ across the UK, the other for the best paper on ‘women and politics’ at the PSA Annual Conference. For more information on this year’s competitions and past winners, please click here.

Mailing List

Information about events, calls for papers, prizes, conferences and so on of relevance to our filed are periodically sent out to our members via Jisc-mail  (click to join).

Working with other groups

We are always keen to further promote research in our field so if you have an idea for a seminar or conference – however small or big – that you would like to organise (or would like help with organising), please contact Kristi Winters.


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