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UK: Feminism has wreaked havoc – time for women to hit back. Gender gap gives No camp some independence polling power.

Record View: Gender gap gives No camp some independence polling power Scottish Daily Record TODAY’S exclusive Daily Record poll on independence makes fascinating reading. It shows Alex Salmond faces a formidable challenge to secure a Yes vote in September’s referendum. With just six months to go, the First Minister needs to convince almost every remaining undecided voter to back his plan to break up Britain. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the figures is the gender gap. The survey indicates a higher proportion of men now support going it alone while more women are against it.

Barrister Justine Thornton says sexism still a problem for women lawyers at Camden school talk Ham&High Top lawyer Justine Thornton – wife of Labour leader Ed Miliband – has spoken out about sexism in the legal professions at a talk to schoolchildren to mark International Women’s Week.

Kathy Gyngell: Feminism has wreaked havoc – it’s time for women to hit back Conservative Home Last week on Woman’s Hour that godmother of feminism, Bea Campbell, in suitably sepulchral tones, informed a shocked Jenni Murray that the amount of housework men do has only increased by a minute a year over three decades. Murray did not raise an eyebrow at this ridiculous statistic. She waited in respectful anticipation for more evidence of the victimisation of women. Today this crazy insistence on gender parity in the home and in the workplace frames every aspect of public policy. It matters not which political party is in power, feminist orthodoxy reigns supreme. In an act of utter futility, the Conservatives pursue women voters on Labour’s gender equality ticket. As Paul Johnson of the IFS wrote recently, political agreement is fine, unless it is wrong.

Bank Of England MPC Has No Women As Appointments ‘On Merit’ Says Sajid Javid Huffington Post UK Tory minister Sajid Javid has sparked controversy for suggesting that women did not “merit” serving on the Bank of England‘s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The Treasury minister told MPs that the nine-man committee, which oversees interest rates, “consists of individuals who are best-qualified to make the decisions necessary to achieve the government’s monetary policy objectives.” Since George Osborne became chancellor, all four of the new appointments to the Bank’s MPC have been men. “All appointments are made on merit,” Javid explained, in remarks that Labour branded “outrageous”.

Could this woman be the next female Prime Minister? For a man who, according to the polls, is on the path to power, Ed Miliband remains unloved by the country, and a matter of some indifference to many in his party. Last time I looked, the Labour leader’s approval ratings were minus 17 per cent (source: Opinium political polling) – not nearly as bad as Nick Clegg’s, but a lot worse than the prime minister’s. And whereas David Cameron gets a plus 87 per cent rating from his own party, Miliband only manages plus 47 per cent (worse even than Clegg’s plus 56 per cent). So more than half his own party can’t muster any support for him.

Annie Brown: Female representation boils down to who is running the show Scottish Daily Record WITH women only account for 16 per cent of the movers and shakers in the film and small screen industry ANNIE says it’s clear to see that female …

Labour announce all-woman shortlist for Batley and Spen seat Batley News Last week MP Mike Wood announced he will stand down at the next general election in 2015 after 18 years serving the constituency.
A spokesman for Labour confirmed that the national executive committee had decided to select its next candidate from an all-female shortlist to improve the gender balance in the party.
In Dewsbury and Mirfield, Labour candidate Paula Sheriff was chosen from a similar shortlist to contest Simon Reevell’s seat.
The shortlists aim to improve the gender balance in the party. What do you think? Are all-women shortlists needed to address the lack of female MPs?

WATCH: Shadow Home Secretary visit to Wetherby on International Women’s Day Harrogate Advertiser In a weekend visit to Wetherby, Yvette Cooper, MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford sat down with five business owners and Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Elmet and Rothwell Veronica King to discuss the opportunities for women in business and the challenges they face. Ms Cooper said: “What we know is that women starting up their own businesses is very important to the local economy, though it can often be difficult for them to get the appropriate financing. “It is improving right across the country but growing a business and supporting a family can be really hard work.

Women meet MP to discuss issues Lancashire Evening Post The MP for West Lancashire, Rosie Cooper, met with 15 women for a ‘What Women Want’ discussion on an extensive range of issues affecting women in their day-to-day lives to mark International Women’s Day. Attending the event at Christ Church Ministry Centre, Aughton were women involved in the business, education, health, law-enforcement, charity and voluntary sector, and community sectors, all with different experiences, different areas of expertise and interests and different ages.

Scottish politician seeks independent woman for voting commitment Channel 4 News (blog) We’ve had the soccer moms, now let’s hear it for the shinty maws. For those of you unfamiliar with Gaelic sports, I refer of course to the importance of women in the Scottish independence referendum. Scotland’s deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon (pictured above) has suggested that if she can win over women, her party will win the referendum. Just 27 per cent of women say they’ll vote Yes to independence in September, with 59 per cent planning to vote No. So between now and then, Scottish women – whether shinty maws or otherwise – will be as eagerly wooed by politicians of all hues as were the soccer moms who felt the full force of Bill Clinton’s electoral charms.

Lamont says ‘huge issues facing women’ deeper than constitutional debate BBC News Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont led a debate entitled Women in Scotland on 12 March 2014. Ms Lamont said: “The huge issues facing women, here and abroad, are deeper than any constitutional arrangements and must be addressed with political will regardless of what the constitutional settlement might be.” She highlighted the political, social and economic advancement of women in Scotland but pointed out the barriers into education, employment and representation in public life needed to be addressed, as well as the challenges women faced throughout the world. Ms Lamont said: “In freeing women we create a better society that’s better and fairer for our daughters and sons.”

Let women reach top on own merits Belfast Telegraph …Around 70% of 300 delegates at last year’s conference voted against compulsory quotas to ensure representation of women at board level. Ms Kinnaird said: “I am very much a proponent of people getting to whatever position in life on back of their own merits rather than satisfying quotas… people should be there because they have the skillset and deserve to be in that position, rather than ticking a box.”

Labour Council supports women’s shelters Exchange Morning Post (press release) Kitchener – The Waterloo Regional Labour Council raised more than $4,600 for local women’s shelters in the Waterloo Region at its first annual International Women’s Day fundraiser brunch last Saturday. Fran Parry and Lois Iles, Co-Chairs of the Council’s Women’s Committee, were deeply gratified by the outpouring of support from the almost 160 women and men who attended. In addition to the many union members who took part in the event, local dignitaries Catherine Fife (MPP Kitchener-Waterloo), Julie White (UNIFOR Women’s Department Director), and Stephen Soucie (KW Sexual Assault Centre) attended and spoke about the importance of women getting involved in fighting for social change.


Quotas aren’t needed for able women to win electoral success Sydney Morning Herald That region has wall-to-wall female representation from the two major parties at federal and state level with just two exceptions: Liberal whip Bill Tilley …

Women should make up 50 per cent of MPs The Australian (blog) Members of parliament are meant to represent the interests of their constituents. That is why many systems of representation are proportional. Women …

Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley calls for an end to Australian society’s `entrenched bias … And in a strong speech to an invited group of women at Government House, she called for betterrepresentation of women on the annual Order of …


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How Conservative Media’s Slut-Shaming Helped Inspire Scientific Study. People ‘less apathetic’ to female leaders.

How Conservative Media’s Slut-Shaming Helped Inspire A Scientific Study Media Matters for America (blog) New research confirms that providing women access to free birth control does not result in women having sex with more partners — a false claim that …

A conservative ‘war on women’? That’s just silly Fox News The idea of a conservative “war on women” is as silly as the propaganda I was taught in college: Aside from sex organs, genders are exactly equal, …

Nancy Pelosi talks immigration and midterm elections 89.3 KPCC House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in town recently, for last weekend’s Democratic Convention and to promote her Women’s Economic Agenda.

At Male-Dominated Conference, CPAC Women’s Panel Tries To Be Heard RH Reality Check  The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)’s only all-female panel took the stage Saturday, in the final hours of the final day of the …

The real voting gap all about marriage Tyler Morning Telegraph They’re so invested in being ladies, they don’t even talk like women. … Aside from being insulting to theconservative women at the conference, the …

Women and elections

Allende becomes first woman to head Chile’s Senate Global Times Isabel Allende, daughter of the late Chilean leader Salvador Allende, on Tuesday became the first woman to serve as president of the Senate.

Women voters will play decisive role in Indian elections Irish Times Women voters in India will play a decisive role in determining the outcome in the country’s general election, polling for which begins on April 7th.

Weak female turnout at EP chamber elections Saudi Gazette DAMMAM — Only 68 out of the 777 registered and eligible women have so far cast their votes in the elections for the 17th board of the Eastern …

Quotas help more women enter Latin American politics Thomson Reuters Foundation In Colombia, where parliamentary elections were held last weekend, 21 women were elected to the 102-seat Senate – up four percent from 2010.

People ‘less apathetic’ to female leaders Jakarta Post Idle Hands: Workers sit around with nothing to do in a warehouse belonging to the General Elections Commission (KPU) in Palu, Central Sulawesi, …

Issue of quotas for women MPs may return, says Renzi Gazzetta del Sud english Issue of quotas for women MPs may return, says Renzi … introducing minimum quotas for women MPs when his election-law bill reaches the Senate.


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UK: Yes or No, female vote vital to outcome. UK party suspends member for insulting Muslim women .

Yes or No, the female vote is vital to outcome Herald Scotland Well it’s just very nice to feel wanted.

Wooed, even. How flattering to be the target of so many ardent suitors. This is a good moment to be a woman elector, because your country needs you. And bits of it are gearing up to make sure you know it; not even to mention tickling your erogenous voting zones with flattering regularity.

I’ve always been a mite dismissive of the term “women’s vote”. It makes 52% of the population sound like a lumpen polletariate programmed to react to the canvassing classes in a manner that makes Pavlov’s dug seem positively anarchic.

Surely Scottish womanhood in all its wondrous diversity can’t be that predictable or prone to plight their electoral troth like a monstrous regiment of robotic females.

UK party suspends member for insulting Muslim women A council member in the London borough of Enfield has been expelled from his party after he compared Muslim womens’ burkas to black dustbin liners.

Chris Johannides, who is of Greek Cypriot origin, was banned by the Conservative Party after making the offensive statement on his Facebook profile.

South East UKIP Euro candidate says businesses should have right not to serve women and gay … Liberal Democrat Voice Now it’s the turn of South East Euro Candidate Donna Edmunds, who’s also a Lewes Councillor. She’s reported in the Argus as saying that businesses should be free to turn away women and gay people if they please.

When asked by The Argus to clarify her statement the EU election hopeful said it would be ok for a shop owner to refuse to serve her based on no other fact than she was a woman, or if service was refused to a gay person.

She said: “I’m a libertarian so I don’t think the state should have a role on who business owners serve.

“I wouldn’t refuse to serve gay people. I’m not saying their position is a correct one. I’m saying they should be free to make that choice themselves.”

This is not the first time the Lewes councillor has garnered controversy after making statements online.

All women? No thanks, says Blears constituency Manchester Evening News IN the wake of two Greater Manchester Labour MPs announcing their departure in 2015, party hopefuls are now pre-occupied with what happens next.

And in both cases, the issue of all women short-lists will be number one priority.

In Salford and Eccles, where Hazel Blears revealed her decision to quit last month, the constituency Labour party met on Monday night to discuss their thoughts on the matter.

Widely tipped has been Peter Wheeler, long-time party and trade union activist and Blears ally.

An AWS, of course, would scupper his chances.

Scotland Tonight: Nation’s first female Labour MP discusses feminism One woman who has long campaigned for gender equality is Maria Fyfe, the only female Labour MP in Scotland when she entered Westminster in 1987.

Since leaving parliament in 2001 she has continued to be at the forefront of the battle to bring women’s voices and perspectives to the centres of power.

Later this month her memoir A Problem Like Maria: A Woman’s Eye View of Life as an MP will be published, detailing her struggles at Westminster and her fight for women’s rights.

Redditch group celebrates International Women’s Day in Parliament Redditch Advertiser IN celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD), Rebecca Blake, Labour’s parliamentary spokesman for Redditch, took a group of 11 women to London for a tour of Parliament.

She said the event, which takes place annually on March 8, was the perfect excuse to bring local women together to learn more about democracy and discuss relevant issues facing women.

She said: “Given most people are not aware that they can visit Parliament and have a free tour of the Palace of Westminster, it’s important to me that our seemingly inaccessible institutions are made more accessible to local people.

Alex Salmond leads tribute to economist who battled for gender equality Herald Scotland First Minister Alex Salmond has led tributes to the economist Ailsa McKay, who has died following a battle with cancer, praising her “astonishing contribution” in the campaign for gender equality.

Professor McKay was professor of economics at Glasgow Caledonian University, and a leading figure in making the case for women in the labour market, helping to shape government policy in this area.

Speaking at First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood, Mr Salmond said: “Ailsa, as we all know, was a leading voice in campaigning for gender equality, not simply through her work, but as a founding member of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group..

The Meaning Of Success Needs To Change For International Women’s Day To Work Forbes Corporate leadership in the UK is more acutely aware than ever that we are heading towards International Women’s Day 2014. But it is one thing to …


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UK: Six bidding to be Labour MP for Blackburn. World: Gender equality is progress for all.

Poll paints unflattering portrait of party leaders The Times (subscription) Female voters see Ed Miliband as slimy and boring, Nick Clegg is spineless and wet, while David Cameron is posh, out of touch and rich, according to a survey.

The poll by Lord Ashcroft, the Conservative peer, asked voters to describe the party leaders. The results do not make pleasant reading for any one of the three politicians.

What do women think of the three main party leaders? The truth is not very flattering London Loves Business Women find David Cameron “pompous” and “incompetent”. The only good news for Dave is, that women seem to like Ed Miliband even less: he is “boring” and “slimy”. Still, no time for smug one-upmanship: with the general election looming, and women’s vote proving (yet again) decisive, the PM had better get his act together.

Actually, this is not an impossible mountain to climb as women are a forgiving lot. The PM must eat humble pie: women appreciate that. He must show he likes and respects his female colleagues. Women like that, too. And he must show he cares about women’s “issues” – ie their children and their elderly parents.

David Cameron had better eat humble pie with women voters – quick (blog) Women find David Cameron “pompous” and “incompetent”. The only good news for Dave is, that women seem to like Ed Miliband even less: he is “boring” and “slimy”. Still, no time for smug one-upmanship: with the general election looming, and women’s vote proving (yet again) decisive, the PM had better get his act together.

Actually, this is not an impossible mountain to climb as women are a forgiving lot. The PM must eat humble pie: women appreciate that. He must show he likes and respects his female colleagues. Women like that, too. And he must show he cares about women’s “issues” – ie their children and their elderly parents….

Parties should sign up to 40% target for women in winnable seats to overhaul ‘white, old male … WalesOnline Political parties should each sign up to a target of 40% female candidates in winnable seats at the next local council elections in a bid to improve representation, a government-backed report has concluded.

The report from an expert group on diversity in local government also called for a mentoring scheme to develop skills of possible members and a publicity and education campaign to inform the public about local government.

Chair of the group, head of Sport Wales Professor Laura McAllister, said the measures were “not about being politically correct or ticking boxes”.

The panel was established by Local Government Minister Lesley Griffiths after a survey revealed most councillors were white, male and over 60.

Uttlesford Labour party marks International Women’s Day in Dunmow Herts and Essex Observer SAFFRON Walden Constituency Labour Party will mark International Women’s Day on Saturday March 8 with an event in Dunmow.

Members of the Socialist group will be out in force in the town throughout the morning asking female residents how their lives – both locally and nationally – could be improved by Labour winning the 2015 election.

Jane Berney, Saffron Walden CLP’s parliamentary spokeswoman, will be there to meet and talk to locals.

Six bidding to be Labour MP for Blackburn Blackburn Citizen LONDON barrister Sara Ibrahim has emerged as a serious challenger to Kate Hollern in the contest to become Blackburn’s Labour candidate in the 2015 general election.

The 57-year-old borough council leader has received several nominations from ward branches. But Ms Ibrahim has also been well backed, gathering a local following.

The last of the six women to apply for the seat, which has an all-women shortlist, she is a cont ributor to the ‘Left Foot Forward, Labour blog, and appears to have support at national and regional level.

Abbie Wightwick: George Clooney, free chocolate, affordable child care – what do women really … WalesOnline Ask what women really want and you’re liable to get a lot of raucous laughter and nudge, nudge, wink wink, wisecracks.

But sadly there is more to life than George Clooney and free chocolate. What we really want, is to be able to go to work without being bankrupted by child care which doesn’t even quite cover the hours needed.

Years after maternity rights were belatedly bestowed upon women we are still limping along without high quality, affordable childcare for all.


Women candidate quota legislation could be forced on parties Irish Examiner So far only Sinn Féin and the anti-austerity parties have 30% women candidates for the coming local election, according to the Women For Election group tracking the numbers.

Mr Rabbitte said that perhaps the quota system could also be applied to local elections, but they would wait to see how the numbers stacked up for the May vote.Parties that do not field a minimum 30% of women candidates will lose half of their state funding under legislation introduced last year, but there was no similar targets set for local authorities.


Can women tip the scales in elections? Kawartha Media Group PETERBOROUGH — Where do you begin in order to get more women into leadership roles in politics?

While the YWCA and the local chapter of the Canadian Federation of University Women know rallying women to get involved in politics won’t lead to an immediate shift in the number of women sitting in Parliament, they say new research suggests there are ‘mini tipping points’ women can tackle to influence change at higher levels of government. At an upcoming Women in Politics session on March 25, the groups will turn to local women to determine where women can start.

Political parties urged to mainstream women’s rights in poll manifestos Hindu Business Line NEW DELHI, MARCH 5: With the 16th Lok Sabha election process kicking off amid growing crimes against women, nine women’s organisations have raised issues, such as political and land rights, food security, safety and employment.

“The outcome of these elections will greatly impact women’s struggles for safety, equality and progress… These issues need to be mainstreamed in the political agenda and in future Government policy,” said a statement issued by All India Democratic Women’s Association, the National Federation of Indian Women, Centre for Women’s Development Studies, YWCA, All Indian Women’s Conference, Joint Women’s Programme, among others.

Awareness drive for female voters Times of India Kolhapur: City mayor Sunita Raut stressed on the need for women to exercise their right to vote at the Tararani Sabhagriha at the district collector’s office on Tuesday. She was addressing a training organized for women representatives of the local self-governing organizations across the district.

The training was organized by the district administration for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and was attended by the representatives from the Kolhapur zilla parishad (ZP), Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC), Panchayat Samitis and municipal councils from the district.Raut said, “The voting percentage of women is less as compared to the percentage of votes cast by men during the election. It is the duty of the women representatives to educate women to participate in the election process.”

Gov’t fund sought for parties with more women candidates Rappler MANILA, Philippines – Although the Philippines is considered as the most gender equal country in Southeast Asia – and the 5th most gender equal country in the world – having more women in key government positions remains to be a work in progress.

Two Akbayan representatives want to address this gender gap by challenging political parties to field more women during elections, and government to set up a fund that will reward them for doing this.

Under House Bill 3877 or the proposed Women Participation and Representation in Political Parties Act of 2013, congressmen Ibarra Gutierrez III and Walden Bello seek to give political parties access to the Women in Political Parties Empowerment Fund if 30% of the official candidates they will field are women.

Gender equality is progress for all Ballymena Times Celebrated annually around the world on March 8, the 2014 theme for International Women’s Day, designated by the UN, is “Equality for women is progress for all”.

The United Nations began celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8 during International Women’s Year 1975.

Two years later, in December 1977, the General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day of the year by Member States, in accordance with their historical and national traditions.


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US: GOP’s Project Grow withers. Madison, WI among ‘Best cities for feminists’. Do Male or Female Physicians Do More Housework?

Black Women Are an Electoral Voting Force. Recognize. RH Reality Check The 2014 midterm elections are fast approaching, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund has just rolled out its campaign to help educate voters about candidates’ positions on women’s health. “We know that women’s health is a winning issue and that no candidate will be able to win without a plurality of women,” the group’s president, Cecile Richards, said in a statement announcing the launch of the effort, dubbed the “Women are Watching” campaign, which is expected to spend more than $18 million in at least 14 states.

All this is great news for those of us who are big supporters of access to birth control and safe abortion care. And yet, the announcement has left me feeling cold and disconnected.

GOP’s Project Grow starts to wither MSNBC There was certainly nothing wrong with House Republicans making a conscious effort to improve its gender diversity – remember the committee chairmen chart? – but Jay Newton-Small checked on Project GROW’s progress and found that the party is “coming up short.”

Thirty years ago, Republicans and Democrats had equal numbers of female politicians, but since then Democratic female representation has taken off dramatically. Part of the problem is that Republican female state legislators tend to be more moderate than their male counterparts and therefore have a tougher time getting through increasingly partisan primaries, according to Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University. […]
Indeed, last election cycle 108 Republican women ran in House primaries, according to data compiled by Walsh’s center. Less than half won and only 20 were elected to Congress, most of them incumbents. The 19 Republican women currently serving in the House make up only 4.4 percent of the House, and only 8 percent of the GOP conference.
Those numbers are actually poised to get worse.


Which states were among the first to elect women to top political offices? Washington Post (blog) The great map and history lesson about the women’s suffrage movement over at GovBeat, which looks at states that led the way in giving women the vote, got us to thinking about how those states stack up now in terms of electing women to high office.

Well, it turns out that the 10 states that granted women the ballot before the movement gained steam on March 3, 1914, when representatives of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage testifying in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, have among the best records for electing women to higher office.

First, the throwback map that highlights the 10 states:

Madison ranked among ‘Best cities for feminists’ Madison was left off a list of Best Cities for Hippies last year but it has just made a new list of 11 Best Cities for Feminists.

The online real estate service Estately didn’t rank the feminist cities in any order but did include Madison on the list that includes Washington, D.C., Detroit and Portland, Ore., along with a couple of surprises like Macon, Ga. and Honolulu.

“With plenty of emerging technology, Madison is a great place for women in STEM to make a good living, while also taking advantage of the University of Wisconsin’s many academic forums and opportunities. Wisconsin Women in Government also does great work to advance the number of females serving in political office,” Estately writes.

Female chemistry professors call for boycott after congress does not include women in list The Daily Princetonian Director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment Emily Carter is joining two other female theoretical chemists in a call for the boycott of the 15th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry because its preliminary list of speakers did not include women.

Laura Gagliardi, chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota, and Anna Krylov, chemistry professor at the University of Southern California, composed an open letter with Carter. The petition, an appeal to “condemn gender-biased discriminatory practices of which ICQC-2015 is the most recent example,” amassed 1,645 signatures by Monday evening.

The petition was in response to a partial list of speakers published on the ICQC website, Krylov said. Among the 24 speakers and five chairs mentioned, the list featured no women.

Carter, who began drawing attention to this issue by personally boycotting conferences 14 years ago, said she was in disbelief when she received emails from Krylov and Gagliardi explaining the lack of women at the ICQC.

Gender Gap: Do Male or Female Physicians Do More Housework? Physicians News Digest They found that female docs “spent 8.5 more hours per week on domestic activities,” according to the study published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The researchers focused their study on a specific subset of “physician-researchers who had received career development awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).”

There were several reasons the researchers focused on this academic group of physicians. First, these doctors are less constrained by time than other physicians who are more tied to a strict schedule of patient visits and surgeries.  Also, the men and women who choose an academic field do so because it ”is intellectually engaging, it affords the opportunity for self-determination (to be one’s own boss), and it is the coin of the realm in academics,” said Molly Cooke, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco and author of an accompanying editorial.


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UK: Women: Cameron is ‘pompous’ but good with ‘family’. Yes campaign’s challenge: winning over female voters.

All-women shortlists could be allowed in FTSE 100 Business Secretary Vince Cable has backed recommendations which could see headhunters draft women-only shortlists for board-level posts, eliminating men entirely from the recruitment process.

All-women shortlists are not currently used in the private sector because they are fraught with legal difficulties and leave companies open to sex discrimination claims from men left out of the hiring process.

But Mr Cable has asked the UK’s equality body, the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, to create guidance for headhunters on when and how women-only shortlists could be used in accordance with the law, free from the threat of litigation.

Cable backs all-women shortlists for FTSE boards Financial Times (Subscription) Cable backs all-women shortlists for FTSE boards … in his attempt to reach a target of 25 per cent female representation on FTSE 100 boards by 2015.

‘Too many are straight, white men in their 60s’: How Wales should shake up local government diversity Political parties should each sign up to a target of 40% female candidates in winnable seats at the next local council elections in a bid to improve representation, a Government-backed report has concluded.

The report from an expert group on diversity in local government also called for a mentoring scheme to develop skills of possible members and a publicity and education campaign to inform the public about local government.

The report makes several recommendations for the Welsh Government, local authorities, the Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA), political parties and councillors ahead of the next elections in 2017.

Ed Miliband? He’s a slimy bore but David Cameron is pompous and Nick Clegg is spineless, say … Evening Standard Women think of Ed Miliband as “boring” and “slimy”, while they regard Nick Clegg as “spineless”, according to a survey.

Polling by Conservative peer Lord Ashcroft asked voters for the first word or phrase that came to mind when they thought of the political leaders.

The millionaire former Tory deputy chairman separated the words mentioned by women and not by men, and vice versa, in the 20 most frequent responses.

Women say David Cameron is ‘pompous and incompetent’ – but also good with ‘family’ A survey by former Tory chairman Lord Ashcroft asked voters to give the first word or phrase that came to mind when they thought of the country’s political leaders

Women think David Cameron is “pompous” and “incompetent”, damning new polling reveals. A survey by former Tory chairman Lord Ashcroft asked voters to give the first word or phrase that came to mind when they thought of the country’s political leaders .

Female voters name “family” when the PM is named – but also “Conservative”, “pompous” and “incompetent”. Mr Cameron fared better among men than women – but still inspired words including “Eton” and “Tory”.

Lord Ashcroft: The Conservatives don’t attract too few women. They attract too few of everyone. Conservative Home David Cameron tells Angela Eagle to “calm down, dear”. A number of female Conservative MPs decide they will not stand at the next election. Another is deselected. Ed Miliband derides the dearth of women on the government front bench. Several women are replaced in their jobs heading public bodies, prompting Harriet Harman to observe that it is “raining men in the Tory Party”.

To some, these stories and others like them constitute evidence that the Tories have a problem with women. As evidence goes, this is pretty flimsy. The academics Peter Allen and Philip Cowley have pointed out that within three years the Cameron Cabinet included exactly the same number of women as Tony Blair’s did at the same point in his premiership (though Mr Blair had rather more to choose from).

Sturgeon: winning over female voters is one of Yes campaign’s biggest challenges Herald Scotland Winning over female voters is one of the biggest challenges facing the pro-independence campaign over the coming months, according to Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. 

Polling suggests the majority of women are yet to be convinced by the Yes side’s arguments, with the latest survey by Ipsos Mori for STV showing 59% of female voters oppose independence, while 27% support it.

Speaking at a gathering of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) in Glasgow, Ms Sturgeon suggested women voters took a “more pragmatic” approach to the notion of independence.

Earlier, during her speech, the Deputy First Minister aligned herself with this position, stating that “a hard-headed analysis of what constitutional option will equip Scotland best for the future” should lead to a decision to vote Yes.

Scots Independence Poll Keeps ‘No’ Vote at 55%, Ipsos MORI Says Bloomberg The campaign against Scottish independence retained its lead in the latest poll by Ipsos MORI, with the largest gap in favor of staying in the U.K. among female voters and in more affluent areas of the country.

The survey for broadcaster STV found 55 percent of people wanted to keep Scotland in the U.K. with 29 percent in favor of independence and 16 percent undecided. The No vote was unchanged from the company’s poll in December, while the Yes vote slipped two percentage points.

Among women, 59 percent wanted to keep the status quo with 27 percent backing independence versus a split of 54 percent to 38 percent for men, Ipsos MORI said. In richest parts of Scotland, the gap in favor of remaining in the U.K. was 51 percentage points compared with six points in the most deprived areas, the survey found

Nick Clegg announces 2015 negotiating team Liberal Democrat Voice …The new team addresses the gender issue to an extent, including two very effective female parliamentarians. But with a membership of five, equal representation along any axis is impossible.  So once again the right/left, economic/social split is skewed to the right, while the gender split is skewed to the male.

Danny Alexander and David Laws provide some continuity as they bring with them their experience from 2010. David’s evidence-based analytical approach could provide a useful brake on over enthusiastic colleagues.

MP Gloria gives candid Red interview Mansfield Chad Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero has opened up about her political and private life in a revealing new interview published in women’s magazine Red.

The shadow minister for women and equalities uses the interview to champion the choices that women make in life and to detail some of the decisions that she has made to get to where she is now.

Gloria (41) speaks about how she and her husband live in different cities most of the time in order to fulfil their own personal career ambitions and how she has never wanted to have children.

She also says that she believes that women should never be asked the ‘kids question’.


Parties sticking with male candidates for local elections Irish Examiner Despite repeated promises by the four main political parties to get more women involved in local politics, only 15 out of 71 candidates standing for Cork County Council in May’s local elections are female.

Fine Gael — currently the largest party on the council with 22 seats — is fielding 28 candidates. Fianna Fáil, which has 12 seats, is fielding 22, while Labour, with seven seats, is putting nine into the field. Sinn Féin has just one seat, but is looking to increase that substantially and has put out 12 runners.

The number of seats on the council is to rise from 48 to 55 to allow for more representation following this summer’s abolition of the 12 town councils in Cork.

Women’s group calls for more family-friendly Dáil Irish Examiner The group will launch its ‘Building a Women-Friendly Oireachtas’ campaign this afternoon, which makes several recommendations to Government aimed at encouraging women to consider politics as a career.

The NWCI would like to see a 40% gender quota applied at cabinet level with maternity and paternity leave introduced to allow further flexibility.

Director Orla O’Connor said the Government needed to set an example for gender equality in Ireland.


Female French journalists want to conquer the front page West – Welfare Society Territory Female journalists rise up against gender discrimination in France. The organization of the “right representation of women in media and of gender equality in journalism” has launched today the campaign “Prenons la une!” (Let’s conquer the front page!). An initiative seeking help among both sexes to say stop to gender inequalities at work. Because female writers are tired of seeing themselves represented as professional journalists and experts on TV and radio shows for only 18%. And of being paid on average 12% less than their male counterpart. Or again, of becoming managing editors in less than 3 cases out of 10, despite their talent. What they demand and expect is very clear: the addition of gender equality principles in the deontology code of the French press; the presence of at least 50% of female journalists and experts in TV and radio broadcasting, the development of training course for the dismantlement of gender stereotypes addressed to new young writers and also useful to older and experienced ones.


Women’s rights & class struggle The Guardian (Australia) Though it was no way the beginning of the women’s rights struggle, in those four and a half decades the struggles of the women’s movement, the trade unions and left and progressive political forces resulted in many social and economic gains for women.

It was a powerful part of that impetus that saw the Whitlam Labor government came to office in the early 1970s with a platform for social change.

Women benefited from the introduction of Medibank (now Medicare) and funding for women’s health that resulted in free, safe abortions, family planning, women’s refuges and other women’s services.


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US: March is Women’s History Month. Dems Wooing White Male Voters. Women: Elusive jewels in GOP brooch.

Women make up majority of DCCC’s ‘Red to Blue’ candidates Washington Post (blog) The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced its first wave of “Red to Blue” U.S. House contenders for the midterm elections Monday, picking mostly women for a program meant to highlight the best recruits from around the country.

Ten of the 16 “Red to Blue ” candidates the DCCC named are women. They include Iowa state Sen. Staci Appel, who is running for the seat of retiring Rep. Tom Latham (R-Iowa) in a top Democratic pickup opportunity; and County Freeholder Aimee Belgard, a leading candidate for the seat of retiring Rep. Jon Runyan (R-N.J.), another of Democrats’ best pickup chances.

Civility prize goes to….the women of the US Senate Kansas City Star Overlooked in news last week: The 20 women of the U.S. Senate were just presented with the 2014 Allegheny College Prize for Civility in Public Life.

The reason: The women, including Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill, were described as key in ending the 2013 government shutdown.

Said Allegheny College President James H. Mullen, Jr., who made the presentation at the National Press Club in Washington:

“Allegheny College is proud to award its 2014 Prize for Civility in Public Life to the 20 Women of the United States Senate for demonstrating the power of civility as they led Congress out of last Fall’s government shutdown.

Democrats Wooing White Male Voters as Midterms Near The Democratic Party is working hard to woo back white male voters to help defend their seats as the midterm elections near, when fewer female and minority voters that carry Democratic races traditionally turn out to vote.

White men, particularly in the working class, overwhelmingly started voting Republican during the Reagan era because they believed liberals no longer represented their interests, The New York Times reports.

But in recent years, Democratic candidates have gotten their main support from female and minority voters, who decided the 2012 presidential race, and the party is finding itself in the middle of a debate over how hard it really needs to work to win over the white male vote.

Republican National Committee Statement on Women’s History Month – The Republican Party is … Sierra Sun Times March 1, 2014 – WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day released the following statement marking the beginning of Women’s History Month:

“Today marks the beginning of Women’s History Month, which gives us all the opportunity to celebrate women’s contributions to our country throughout our history—and especially to honor those women who fought to make this country a more just and equal place,” said Chairman Priebus.

“The Republican Party is proud to have played a leading role in securing women’s right to vote. When Susan B. Anthony defied the law and voted in 1872, she proudly voted the Republican ticket. She and other suffragists worked with her friend Republican Senator A.A. Sargent to introduce the 19th Amendment. And it took a Republican Congress to finally pass it in 1919.

Women: The elusive jewels in the GOP brooch DigiNews OCALA, Fla., March 1, 2014 – Figuring out what women want has long been a puzzle for men. For the Republican Party, however, it has become something closer to a nightmare.

Women play a growing role not just in electoral politics, but in political activism and punditry. They have earned and taken a great deal of attention in politics. This has left the GOP at a challenging crossroads. It is confronted with either satisfying its fundamentalist Christian voting bloc, or acquiescing to the demands of late-period feminists.

In this situation, little ground is left for voices of moderation.

Many people believe that conservatives are attempting to erode women’s rights — that they’re engaged in a “war on women.” What should conservatives do to increase their share of the women’s vote?

Will Iowa women make gains in 2014 elections? DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – With six women running in House and Senate primaries in Iowa this year, some are starting to wonder if 2014 might be the year that the state finally sends a woman to Washington.

Women’s groups have long bemoaned the fact that Iowa is one of just two states – the other being Mississippi – that has never elected a woman governor or member of Congress.

Mackay: March is Women’s History Month Minneapolis Star Tribune …It’s interesting to note that Women’s History Month traces its beginnings back to 1911, when the California school district of Sonoma started a Women’s History Week. But it wasn’t until 1980 that President Jimmy Carter issued a proclamation declaring the week of March 8, 1980, as National Women’s History Week.

The proclamation stated: “From the first settlers who came to our shores, from the first American Indian families who befriended them, men and women have worked together to build this nation. Too often the women were unsung and sometimes their contributions went unnoticed. But the achievements, leadership, courage, strength and love of the women who built America was as vital as that of the men whose names we know so well.”

Hillary Clinton and the War Over Women RealClearPolitics The Washington cognoscenti responded swiftly, in near-unison. Appearing on the same show as Rand Paul, Democratic Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois said, “Hillary Clinton has established her own reputation, her own name. The issues that were raised by my colleague Sen. Paul have been litigated in the public square for over a decade.”

Durbin’s view found a ready reception in the press, which essentially accepted his “been there, done that” logic, while focusing on Rand Paul’s tactics instead of Bill Clinton’s behavior. Typical of this mindset was National Journal, a respected Washington political magazine: “Sen. Rand Paul,” it noted, “is talking like it’s 1999.”

Dr. K. Kellie Leitch Kicks off International Women’s Week by Praising Canada’s Women … TORONTO, March 2, 2014 /CNW/ – Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, celebrated the beginning of International Women’s Week in Torontotoday at events with the Red Shawl organization and the Armenian Relief Society ofToronto. This year’s theme is Strong Women, Strong Canada, Canadian Women – Creating Jobs One Business at a Time. This theme highlights the important contributions women entrepreneurs make to Canada’s economic success.

International Women’s Week begins on March 2 and concludes on March 8 with International Women’s Day. Canadians are invited to join the Government of Canada in marking this occasion by organizing, promoting and participating in events across the country.


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Parliamentary Affairs articles on representation of women in parliamentary democracies. Free to access till the end of 2014.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the editors of Parliamentary Affairs have drawn together recent publications examining the representation of women in parliamentary democracies around the world. All papers are free to access until the end of 2014; please click on the links to download.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the editors of Parliamentary Affairs have drawn together recent publications examining the representation of women in parliamentary democracies around the world. All papers are free to access until the end of 2014; please click on the links to download.

Women’s Representation around the World: The Importance of Women’s Participation in the Workforce
Daniel Stockemer and Maeve Byrne

Strengthening Women’s Roles in Parliaments
Susan Markham

Cameron’s Problem with Women’: The Reporting and the Reality of Gender-Based Trends in Attitudes to the Conservatives, 2010–2011
Roger Mortimore, Gideon Skinner, and Tomasz Mludzinski

When Is Contagion Not Very Contagious? Dynamics of Women’s Political Representation in Scotland
Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay

Are Female Legislators Different? Exploring Sex Differences in German MPs’ Outside Interests
Benny Geys and Karsten Mause

Gendered Candidate Selection and the Representation of Women in Northern Ireland
Neil Matthews

Gender, European Integration and Candidate Recruitment: The European Parliament Elections in the New EU Member States
Cristina Chiva

Towards Parity Democracy? Gender in the 2012 French Legislative Elections
Rainbow Murray.

Attitudes Towards Women in Politics: Gender, Generation and Party Identification in Ireland
Yvonne Galligan and Kathleen Knight

‘Having it All?’ Women MPs and Motherhood in Germany and the UK
Joanna McKay


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Feb 20 Media round-up. Cambridge University staff call for action on academia gender equality.

Afghan Youth Debates: Women Must Vote to Secure Rights Institute for War and Peace Reporting Female voters could only secure real change by confronting societal … “It is women who raise the children of this country, and women form half of …

Gender equity: even sector’s best not good enough Times Higher Education Discrimination against women persists in the UK academy, even in institutions that have been recognised for their good employment practices, …

Gender equality European Voice The European Commission has proposed renewing the mandate of the director of the European Gender Equality Institute, Virginija Langbakk, until …

Cambridge University staff call for action on academia gender equality The university’s gender equality champion Dame Athene Donald said female staff members backed the suggestion a male-bias existed in the sector.

NGOs help girls in rural India tackle female illiteracy, gender inequality The National … and cultural norms and antecedents of distinct ethnic and tribal communities and changing deep-rooted attitudes towards education and gender.

Gender inequality isn’t just a female problem The Independent Gender inequality isn’t just a problem for women, it’s a problem for all of us. It’s not just a female issue – it’s a human issue. Labelling gender inequality …

Gender pay gap declines, but not by much Women’s Agenda Workplace Gender Equality Agency director, Helen Conway, said the persistent pay gap problem was concerning but was pleased that there is …

“The campaign helped me learn so much about gender” Cherwell Online WomCam – the OUSU Women’s Campaign – is a liberation campaign for gender equality that strives to be intersectional (the recognition that many …

Simon Hughes: ‘The Ministry of Justice can be proud of its women at the top’ The Guardian Liberal democrat MP and justice minister Simon Hughes, is proud that the Ministry… The facts are stark: there are far more men in prison than women.

‘If these silly modern female MPs can’t cope, they shouldn’t be there’ Ms Currie, a former Conservative MP, told Telegraph Wonder Women: “I … It’s a French word for the women who carried salts and fainted at the first …

Stafford MP says put more women in the boardroom Staffordshire Newsletter Jeremy Lefroy, who has actively campaigned for a greater representation of women in business, says that the gender balance is showing signs of …

Analysis: With Rush Holt retiring, NJ could elect two women to Congress “What is encouraging for women in politics is that there are three open … Meanwhile, Greenstein, who won four Assembly and Senate races in five …

Legislative Roundup: House looks at ways to ensure fair pay for all by forbidding gag orders on … The Union Leader House Bill 1188 requires that men and women be paid the same salary for … The bill now goes to the Senate, which has yet to act on a similar bill …

Activists include immigration in ‘war on women’ Politico And the activists believe that focusing on the influence of female voters could crack the Capitol Hill stalemate on immigration reform. Continue …

Women’s Groups Not Quitting on Immigration Reform TIME A coalition of women’s organizations announced Wednesday they will … Though they have yet to specify which members of Congress will face the …

EXCLUSIVE: Kathleen Willey: “Hillary Clinton IS the ‘War onWomen … Fox News Kathleen Willey, a volunteer aide in the White House during Bill Clinton’s term, appeared in a Kelly File exclusive interview: discussing Hillary Rodham …

Women’s Representation in Government Still Low IT Business Net Washington, D.C. – February 19, 2014 ( newswire) In late 2013, women accounted for slightly more than 21 percent of the …

Study: Rich women prefer conservative men | On Air Videos | Fox News Study: Rich women prefer conservative men | Fox News Video. Primetime. Daytime. Late Night. Weekend. All shows. Digital Originals. Editor’s Picks.

Women Want Equal Representation At National Conference Leadership Newspapers Some female professionals and entrepreneurs on Wednesday appealed to the Federal Government to give equal representation to men and women …

Women Are Still Drastically Underrepresented In The News Business Huffington Post A newly released report confirms the still-dismal state of women’s representation in the news industry. The Women’s Media Center’s annual “Status of …

Voter demographics: State by state distribution of the Indian voter Indian Express The infographic shows us a complete breakdown of the gender mismatch amongst Indian voters. The total number of male voters are 42.65 crore, and …

Here are the Women Who Run the World Right Now In Greater Europe, eight women have made it into the highest office. As many of these countries enjoy equitable rights and high levels of education …

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