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US: Leg wants female circumcisions a state crime. Women Less Likely To Earn Paid Extended Leave Than Men.

Students Express Concern Over Corporate Gender Gap Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun (blog) Students Express Concern Over Corporate Gender Gap  roles in business, by saying workplace environments are not conducive to gender equality.

Zoe Lofgren: ‘Men, knowingly or not, tend to be dismissive of women’ The Guardian “Women are well accepted in California,” says Lofgren, who is chair of the 34-member California Democratic congressional  delegation.  She cites …

Women Are Getting the Job Done Huffington Post When Senator Barbara Mikulski first came to the Senate in 1987, it was a pretty lonely place for women. There was only one other female senator, and …

Sun City legislator wants to make female circumcisions a state crime East Valley Tribune Calling the practice a “war on women,” a female legislator wants to make what’s been called “female circumcision” a state crime.

Sen. Judy Burges, R-Sun City West, said Arizona is increasingly becoming home to people from other countries where the practice is considered acceptable. But Burges said the practice – she calls it “female genital mutilation” in her legislation – has profound physical and psychological effects on women all their lives.

Her legislation would make a felon of anyone who not only performs the procedure on a girl younger than 18 but also anyone who tries to take a girl out of Arizona to have that done. SB 1342 would carry a presumptive prison term of seven years for a first offense and nearly 16 years for someone with two or more prior

Republicans are out of touch with women, poll says Los Angeles Wave Newspapers “When you look at our position on issues, a lot of times majority of … “I think they’re not as sensitive to women’s issues as the Democrats are,” he said.

Colorado event launches effort to help lead more Latinas to office Denver Post On average, women must be asked seven times to run for political office … for the Latinas Representinitiative that focuses on getting more women, …

Republican Senate Candidate Shows His “Respect” for Women Huffington Post Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan has an interesting way of showing “respect” for women. For the past two weeks, Anchorage Assembly …

Fluke Enters Senate Race as Number of Women in California Legislature Declines Valley Public Radio Women’s rights advocate Sandra Fluke is running for a state senate seat. As Katie Orr reports from Sacramento, her candidacy comes as the number …

Women Are Less Likely To Earn Paid Extended Leave Than Men, New Poll Finds Huffington Post WASHINGTON — Women are significantly less likely than men to receive extended paid leave from their employer, a new poll shows.

In the last few years, just 27 percent of women were paid their full wage when they took more than seven days off to care for themselves, a sick family member or a new baby, the poll says. By contrast, 39 percent of men were paid their full wage during a similar period of leave.

The national survey, commissioned by American Women, the Rockefeller Family Fund, and the National Partnership for Women & Families, will be released in its entirety next week. The Huffington Post was offered a preview of the new findings on the discrepancies in extended paid leave among men and women.


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World: Women’s rights, gender equality in focus. Women’s rights around the globe: behind the data. Why progress in women’s rights has been compromised.

More Israeli soldiers reporting sexual harassment Haaretz Rachel Tevet Wiesel, to the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, headed by MK Aliza Lavie. Among the incidents, 49 …

Women’s rights around the globe: behind the data The Guardian More than 130 of 143 countries have gender equality laws, 142 grant equal rights for men and women on property ownership and 129 have laws …

Why progress in women’s rights has been compromised The Guardian Many of these newer actors approach women and girls without addressing the root causes of gender inequality – essentially treating as technical, …

About women’s rights and gender equality in focus The Guardian The women’s rights and gender equality in focus section of the Global development website launched in February 2014 to provide a specific focus on …

Bahraini women urged to not set unrealistic conditions Trade Arabia - Labour Ministry Under-Secretary Sabah Al Dossary said one of their biggest challenges was to encourage job-seekers, especially women, to take up …

Istanbul tops gender equality index Hurriyet Daily News - Istanbul, Tunceli, Bolu, Düzce and Eskişehir are Turkey’s leading cities in maintaining social gender equality, according to a report by Ankara-based …

Forum of men’s rights organisations set to float a political party IBNLive - A forum of men’s rights organisations has decided to float a political party to address issues concerning men and fight for gender equality and social …

Indian politicians are changing their attitudes toward rape Public Radio International - Asha Mirje, a member of India’s Nationalist Congress Party told women they … Mirje is also a gynecologist and a member of Maharashtra’sWomen’s …

Thane Municipal Corporation’s budget: Women’s safety high on … Times of India - “Once they (women) start participating regularly, it will be easier for them to highlight the issues and rights of other women. Right now, the standing …

Parties cannot ignore power of women voters Times of India - Mini Mishra, who has a BTech degree, said, “There should be equal representation ofwomen in the state assembly and parliamentary elections.

Govt subsidizes loans for rural women self-help groups Livemint - New Delhi: Ahead of the general elections expected in April-May, the Congress party-led government on Monday announced the implementation of a …

Haiti – Politic : The importance of women in political life In addition, the platform wishes to emphasize that women should not only be actives mobilizers or organizers of electoral campaigns, but they must …

Pacific women gather in Fiji to boost representation in politics Radio New Zealand - A group of Pacific women politicians and leaders have met in Fiji to find ways to boost the number of Pacific women in elected positions. The Pacific …

Women urged to take up leadership roles GhanaWeb - She said women constituted majority of the country’s population, so it was necessary for them to be well represented to make meaningful impact on …

OSC Proposes Rule Amendments Regarding Disclosure Of Women … Mondaq News Alerts (registration) - The proposed amendments would require that an issuer discloses whether and, if so how, it considers the level of representation of women in …

Women Members of National Dialogue National Yemen - The women representation in decision-making is still limited as they lack equal representation in governments, in representative institutions such as …

Afghan Youth Debates: Women’s Limited Role in Politics Under Threat Institute for War and Peace Reporting - Noor Mohammad Noor, a spokesman for the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), said that attitudes towards female members of parliament and …


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Afghan Presidential Election Votes Going $5 Each, Women’s Voter Cards Easiest to Trade

Polls schedule for women reserved seats after Feb 9: Nawaz Financial Express Bangladesh The Election Commission is likely to announce the polls schedule for the 50 women reserved seats in the 10th Parliament next week. “The election …

Afghan Presidential Election Votes Going $5 Each FrontPage Magazine - Women’s voter cards are the easiest to trade because men can obtain them on their behalf – without providing a photograph or their fingerprints.

Feminist economists respond to the recent IMF Discussion Note … Thomson Reuters Foundation - The implicit argument underlying the brief is that economies that limit women’s labour force participation sacrifice efficiency. The report acknowledges …

Women MPs’ poll in March DhakaTribune - The Election Commission is likely to hold an election for the 50 reserved women seats of the 10th parliament by the third week of March. The date …

New party to tackle gender issues News24 - Johannesburg – A new political party, with a focus on gender issues, would contest the national elections this year, Equal Rights Party spokesperson …

Tradition hindering gender equality Nehanda Radio - Zimbabwean women have for a very long time endured the pain of living under backward belief systems and traditions that only perpetuate gender …

Mamata Banerjee should first fulfill her duties as CM:Congress Economic Times The state government has failed to provide security to women and common man,” Congress MP and Union Minister Deepa Dasmunsi said.

A date with extraordinary women The Hindu Launching senior Congress leader Karan Singh’s book Meetings with Remarkable Women here, Ms. Kumar said: “If Helen Keller, who could neither …

Big Victory For Tunisian Women Women are guaranteed parity in political bodies. … “The objective is to arrive atelections and create the security and economic climate to get out of …

Women Crave for Equal Representation in Constituent Assembly ACTIVISTS in the sister islands of Pemba and Zanzibar are doubtful whether the 601-member Constituent Assembly tasked to discuss and approve …

El Salvador elections: Putting women’s right on the agenda As elections rapidly approach, it is important to observe whether promises for women’s rights will indeed enter the agenda of the new president.

‘Indian women invited rape’ Manica Post Public anger over the poor state of women’s safety in Delhi was one reason that the ruling Congress Party was wiped out in local elections in the city …

Does Women’s Empowerment Encourage Good Global Citizenship? New Security Beat We also found an association between living in a society with better women’s rights and support for humanitarian outcomes that crossed gender lines, …

Bangladesh Women’s Election TV News 2014 … YouTube 03:07 - Bangladesh Women’s Election TV News 2014 Bangladesh News today bangla news 5 January 2014 today bangla tv news 5 January 2014 today 10th ..

A map showing gender inequality around the world io9 The numbers on the map correspond to each country’s Gender Inequality Index (GII), a figure derived from a number of factors, including the maternal …


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UK: How sexist is politics? Sexism in Parliament: CALL FOR WOMEN VOTERS TO ENGAGE WITH INDEPENDENCE DEBATE

Sexism in Parliament: Where are all the women - and how can … The Independent It’s hard to credit in 2014, but it’s true: there’s still a major British workplace, one of the country’s best-known brands, where women have no right to take maternity leave. If they do have children, they tend to find that their shift patterns are deeply inflexible, making it all but impossible to maintain a normal family life at the same time as doing the job properly – a difficult thing when there’s still a prevailing assumption that they, and not their husbands, should be the ones to shoulder the greater part of the burden at home.

Considering all of that, it’s perhaps not surprising that there are still some men who work there who think they can get away with deeply creepy behaviour – behaviour that, almost anywhere else, would get them sacked. In this workplace, it’s not even clear who you would report it to.

JOINT CALL FOR WOMEN VOTERS TO ENGAGE WITH DEBATE Herald Scotland SCOTLAND’S most prominent female politicians have raised concerns that the independence debate has yet to be shaped by women’s voices.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and shadow Scottish secretary Margaret Curran addressed the Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) in Glasgow last week to encourage more women to get involved in key independence issues.

Sturgeon said: “With devolution we have been able to increase the amount of childcare available … But with independence we can go beyond this.

“This is a social and economic transformation that, as a matter of fact, can only be achieved when we have access to all of Scotland’s resources. And that’s why we need independence to deliver it in full.”

How sexist is politics? Herald Scotland “The LibDems have handled this badly. It’s shocking that this kind of attitude still exists. You would have thought that this kind of behaviour would be gone by now. I would have thought it would not be tolerated any more. The Scottish Parliament is not 50:50 men and women. We need to actively encourage women until that happens. It’s only then that we’ll properly change these behaviours.”

Kezia Dugdale, Labour shadow education minister: “The culture is so different from Westminster and I don’t think it would be tolerated here. I have certainly experienced everyday sexism in Holyrood. I was once in a lift with Bill Walker and Jenny Marra when he said: ‘How nice it is to be in a lift with two lovely ladies!’”

Margaret Curran, former Labour MSP and now MP and shadow secretary of state for Scotland in Westminster: “When the Scottish Parliament was set up initially, there was quite a lot of articles about the way women looked, or them not being as good at debating and such like, and I remember a few of us thinking we can’t have this – we need to strike early. And I think we largely succeeded.

Sturgeon v Curran: debating the iwomen issues Herald Scotland The Deputy First Minister and Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary have set out their visions for the future for women as they debated the issues surrounding independence.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon argued that a yes vote in September would bring gains in childcare, the minimum wage, equalities issues, pensions, benefits and economic opportunities.

Her opponent, Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran, countered by saying that the Scottish Government’s white paper on independence lacked ambition for women.

Detailing her party’s history of progress on women’s issues, Ms Curran set out her own vision for further gains by electing a Labour government at the next UK general election.

Lord Rennard row is damaging Liberal Democrats – David Steel The Guardian The bitter dispute among Liberal Democrats over Lord Rennard‘s alleged inappropriate advances to women is doing serious damage to the party and opening its members up to public ridicule, former leader David Steel said on Sunday.

With the party still split over how to resolve the dispute, Steel challenged Nick Clegg to change course and agree to settle the row by mediation, rather than subjecting Rennard to further investigation that could lead to his expulsion.

Steel’s remarks reflect a sense among sections of the party that a prolonged investigation will drag the row out and damage the Lib Dems’ prospects in May’s local and European elections.


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US: Jon Stewart: Chris Christie Victim of ‘Vaginafication’ of America. PA Senate Judiciary Committee Passes ‘Revenge Porn’ Bill. Will Women Save America?

Senate Candidate Compares Pregnancy To Cancer ThinkProgress Ken Buck, a Republican district attorney and erstwhile Tea Party darling who has announced he will challenge Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) in the midterms this fall, appeared on talk radio on Wednesday morning and attacked a woman’s right to choose by comparing a woman’s pregnancy to his own cancer.

Buck and host Randy Corporon criticized Obamacare’s provisions designed to give women affordable access to birth control before transitioning to a conversation on abortion. That’s when Buck acknowledged that while he “understands” the desire to make decisions about your own body, women are not entitled to that right:

Jon Stewart: Chris Christie Victim of ‘Vaginafication’ of America (Video) Fox News commentator Brit Hume knows the real reason that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is embroiled in a political scandal that could derail his presidential ambitions.

…“Feminized atmosphere of New Jersey?” he asked. “The state whose chief exports are Axe body spray and lit farts. That atmosphere or do you mean the feminized atmosphere in which we all have to coexist with each other?”

Hume elaborated. “Men today have learned the lesson the hard way that if you act like a kind of an old fashioned guy’s guy, you’re in constant danger of slipping out and saying something that’s going to get you in trouble and make you look like a sexist or make you look like you seem thuggish or whatever,” he explained in footage Stewart screened.

That led Stewart to one conclusion. “So bullies, thugs and sexists are the real victims here,” Stewart said.

Fox News: Christie scandal shows feminization of America AMERICAblog (blog) Jon Stewart covers Fox News’ concern that the Chris Christie scandal somehow is evidence of the feminization of America, where “real men” can no longer speak their mind about the little woman and get away with it.

FOX NEWS’ BRIT HUME: Men today have learned the lesson the hard way that if you act like an old fashioned guy’s-guy, you’re in constant danger of slipping out and saying something that’s gonna get you in trouble and make you look like a sexist, or make you look like you seem thuggish, or whatever.

JON STEWART: Ah, so bullies, thugs, and sexists are the real victims here? If you think about it. For not very long.

Brit Hume Thinks Chris Christie’s Too Much Of A … Huffington Post “I would have to say that in this sort of feminized atmosphere in which we exist today, guys who are masculine and muscular like that in their private conduct, kind of old fashion tough guys, run some risk…. This guy is very much an old fashioned masculine, muscular guy, and there are political risks associated with that. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is.”

Brit Hume, explaining the REAL reason Chris Christie’s in so much trouble.

Will Women Save America? Social Justice Solutions In a speech during a forum on social mobility at the Brookings Institution today, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand stated emphatically: “Let’s do what can do to create new opportunities for those who need it most and change the course of the middle class. And, without a doubt, it will be women who will lead the way. When women lead this fight we will end poverty in America.” That statement should not be interpreted as a declaration of a gender war, but as a genuine call for new thinking, new ideas, and a fresh social policy agenda. Fifty years after President Lyndon Johnson made the declaration of a “War on Poverty,” there is much too much time being spent arguing over whether it was a success or a failure rather than discussing what we need to be doing now. Robert Samuelson sums it up fittingly in today’s Washington Post that in ways the War on Poverty was both a success and it fell short of its promise.

GOP Men Debate Anti-Abortion Bill As Female Colleagues Protest In … Huffington Post Just before a panel of Republican men on the House Judiciary Committee debated a new anti-abortion bill on Wednesday, a group of their Democratic colleagues staged a rare protest in the hallway outside the committee room.

“It’s increasingly evident that the only women’s agenda that the Republicans have put forward is to take away your health care rights and then tell you to get lost,” Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.), co-chair of the House Pro-Choice Caucus, told the crowd of protesters. “Women are sick and tired of these constant attacks on our constitutionally-protected right to choose, while priorities like equal pay, fair wages and paid family leave go unaddressed.”

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) and Rep. Diana Degette (D-Colo.) also spoke to the crowd, many of whom held signs that said “Where are the women?”

Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee Passes ‘Revenge Porn’ Bill RH Reality Check The Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill Tuesday banning “revenge porn,” the Patriot-News reports.

The bill is sponsored by state Sen. Judy Schwank (D-Berks), co-chair of the General Assembly’s newly unveiled Women’s Health Caucus, which introduced several measures at a press conference last month.

Sen. Schwank has called revenge porn “a new form of abuse.”

Battle of the Sexes: Men’s Political Giving Dwarfs Women’s The Atlantic By most measures, women’s representation in American political life remains disappointing. The percentage of women in elected office is way behind the percentage of women in the workforce, to say nothing of the population. And of course there’s never been a female president or vice president.

But the electoral situation looks downright modern next to the fundraising scene, as demonstrated by a report from the National Council for Research on Women, Rutgers’ Center for American Women and Politics, and the Center for Responsive Politics. It’s a topic that some reporters—Politico‘s Tarini Parti and Byron Tau, for example—have tackled, but the report offers a comprehensive look at just how lopsided giving is.

Sexual Assault Changes Are Coming for the Military ModVive After a strong fight by various female members of the Senate, a detailed bill has now been sent to President Obama to change the current military …

Closing the gap Texas A&M The Battalion In response to unequal representation in politics, the American Association of University Women has created “Elect Her,” a program designed to …


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Call for Papers: ‘Body/State in the Age of Austerity’ PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group 2014 Conference

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group 2014 Conference

 ‘Body/State in the Age of Austerity’

University of Birmingham, Saturday 22nd February 2014

Prospective participants should submit a title and abstract (of no more than 200 words) to Fran Amery by November 29th 2013.

A substantial amount of feminist scholarship has sought to illuminate the ways in which states and bodies are intertwined both in general and in an age of austerity in particular. This research has taken a wide range of forms, from interrogation of the significance of the presence of sexed and raced bodies in political institutions, to the disciplining of bodily ‘deviance’, to the ways in which the state itself has been gendered as masculine. Recent work has also questioned the gendered dimensions of austerity politics, the state’s part in the commodification of bodies and body parts and the politics of the alteration and ‘enhancement’ of bodies (Cameron, Dickinson and Smith 2013).

This one-day conference seeks to address the above issues. We invite papers on any aspect of the relationship between bodies and states, particularly in an age of austerity, including but not limited to:

-          embodiment, representation and political institutions;

-          the state’s role in the feminisation of poverty

-          the gendered dimensions of welfare reform

-          the politics of reproduction and new reproductive technologies;

-          the politics of male and female circumcision;

-          the politics of (dis)ability;

-          the regulation of health and healthcare;

We invite papers from across disciplines such as sociology, history, and international relations, as well as political science, and particularly encourage submissions from postgraduate students. Prospective participants should submit a title and abstract (of no more than 200 words) to Fran Amery by November 29th 2013.

The Conference is co-sponsored by the University of Birmingham Gender and Feminist Theory Group.

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15 Black Feminist Books Everyone Should Read. Afghan female stars defy clerics’ pressure.


Empowered women Philippine Star At the Senate hearing yesterday on the so-called sex-for-flight scandal, one of the three accusers, called Michelle, removed her veil and showed her face to the public as she confronted her alleged tormentor, Riyadh-based assistant labor attaché Antonio Villafuerte.

Michelle said she did this to jog the memory of Villafuerte, who denied sexually harassing the women.

On the other hand, another woman, called Angel, said in tears that she could not remove her veil. She indicated that being a rape victim brought shame to her and her family.

Afghan female singer Aryana Sayeed conducts an interview with AFP at Qargha lake on the outskirts of Kabul. The glamorous 28-year-old singer is a judge on worldwide hit series “The Voice” that launched in Kabul in May, immediately attracting huge audiences and an array of angry critics. As a symbol of female independence in a strictly conservative Islamic country, Aryana receives regular death threats and lives in fear of being kidnapped by religious extremists. AFP PHOTO / Massoud HOSSAINI

Afghan female stars defy clerics’ pressure As a symbol of female independence in a strictly conservative Islamic country, Aryana receives regular death threats and lives in fear of being kidnapped by religious extremists.

On the set outside Kabul where the show is filmed for private channel Tolo TV, armed guards outnumber contestants and have machine guns held at the ready.

“I’m here to make a difference for women,” Aryana told AFP. “I want women to have rights, to talk freely, to walk freely, to be able to go shopping when they wish.

“I’m not saying that they have to take their clothes off, or even remove their head scarves. Freedom is being able to live as a human being.”

As contestants belt out songs that could propel them to stardom, Aryana nods encouragingly and sways gently— acutely aware that her every move is studied across the country.

“I have to be so careful as they’re constantly checking what you are doing, what you are saying, even how you laugh,” she said.

Women on Top – Should the EU Be Imposing Gender Quotas and … Huffington Post UK Godfrey is on the EU’s Women’s Rights and Gender Equality committee – most people would be shocked to know that there is such a thing and the waste of …

Sex-for flight victims testify before senate committee Gulf Times The committee had summoned Villafuerte and the women to the hearing on the … She said she was referred to the Philippine Overseas LabourOffice (POLO) …

15 Black Feminist Books Everyone Should Read The Root - White feminism’s disregard for black women’s issues is nothing new, and sexism in black power movements from the United States to South Africa …

Thank You Secretary General Ban Ki-moon for Keeping Gender …Huffington Post To quote the UN Secretary General’s recently released report, A Life of Dignity for All, “The new agenda must ensure the equal rights of women and girls, their

#Zimelections TV 7 – participation of women in … 42 min

Interim statement on women and the 2013 harmonized electionsThe Kubatana The Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCoZ) commends the generally peaceful atmosphere that prevailed on the voting and election day. We observed …

Norway to front women’s rights internationally The Foreigner The Norwegian government launches an action plan for women’s rights andgender equality in foreign and development policies. “We are constantly reminded …

SPDP Women wing lauds Mawan’s call for more women …The Borneo Post KUCHING: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Women wing welcomes Social Development Minister Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom’s suggestion that …

Women Rally: Nigerian Women Optimistic Of Increased …Leadership Newspapers A cross section of Nigerian women on Thursday in Abuja expressed optimism that the government would ensure increased women representation in …

Joyce Banda satisfied with women representation in leadership …The Maravi Post Malawi President Joyce Banda said she was satisfied with the increasingrepresentation of women in leadership positions across Africa.


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UK: Miliband plans 4th reshuffle to shake up shadow cabinet. Carney Bemoans All-Male Panel, Seeks More Women at BOE

Afghanistan’s pioneering female MP seeks asylum as progress for … Not only are conservatives agitating to close women’s shelters, which they describe as whore houses, the country’s parliament is considering a change in the …

Ed Miliband has plans for a fourth reshuffle of his front bench in September amid concerns over a lack of dynamism in the shadow cabinet. Photograph: Felix Clay

Miliband plans fourth reshuffle to shake up shadow cabinet The Guardian Rachel Reeves, the shadow chief secretary to the treasury, who has been on maternity leave, is also being tipped for a more prominent role as the opposition prepares for the general election.

In April, Meg Hillier, a Labour MP, complained that Miliband was not doing enough to promote Labour women to prominent positions. Labour women tipped for promotion include Emma Reynolds, the shadow Europe minister, Liz Kendall, a health spokesman, and Stella Creasy, the shadow crime prevention minister.

Lisa Nandy, a shadow education minister, who is from the left of the party, is understood to fear for her job.

Miliband’s party has dropped three points in the last two weeks leaving them with a lead of just 7% over the Conservatives, according to a new Opinium/Observer poll.

Why on earth would a woman ever vote for Ukip – the ultimate ‘old … All the hoo-ha over Ukip in the last few days has shone a light on what the party’s stars, aspiring candidates and ordinary members think about what Neville 

Carney Bemoans All-Male Panel as He Seeks More Women at BOE …Businessweek Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said today the lack of women on the  Labour Party lawmaker Stella Creasy also reported abusive comments posted 

Striking right note over the ‘female’ banknotes Blackpool Gazette After a row over lack of female representation on paper money, The Bank of England has announced Jane Austen is to feature on the £10 note. Jane Austen is …

Cameron’s Unhappy Families The Times (subscription) The Conservative Party wins elections when it gets more votes from women than from men. Over recent weeks David Cameron and George Osborne have both …

Up for a fight: Stella Creasy Guardian News & Media

Twitter trolls: Stella Creasy takes a pop at David Cameron as she … The last thing Stella Creasy wants to hear as she takes the ­battle to vile internet trolls is someone like David Cameron telling women to “calm down, dear”.

The Labour MP has joined feminist writer Caroline Criado-Perez on a crusade against the online bullying of women after both were threatened with rape by deluded saddoes on Twitter.

And she is also taking aim at the PM, saying his famously patronising ­comment to MP Angela Eagle in Parliament makes him part of the problem, not the solution, the Sunday People can reveal.

She said: “His saying ‘calm down dear’ is symptomatic of a culture in which the contribution women isn’t valued but dismissed. We’ll all be better for it when women don’t ‘calm down’ but get stuck in to helping change the world.”


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US: The Power of Pissed-Off Women. 12 cruel anti-suffragette cartoons. GOP Confront Lady Problems in Congress.

The Power of Pissed-Off Women Huffington Post (blog) ..Beyond our electoral challenges, NOW is doubling down on fighting for women’s economic security. We support the initiative launched last week by House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D-CA), Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD), and House Democratic women to address real economic needs facing women and families: ensuring equal pay for equal work, promoting work and family balance, and providing access to quality, affordable child care.


Republicans have struggled to approach the growing number of female Democratic representatives, even though they hold the House majority. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Republicans Confront Lady Problems in Congress National Journal …And while Democratic outside groups like EMILY’s List and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s, D-N.Y., Off the Sidelines PAC are dedicated to recruiting and electing more female candidates, Republican strategists interviewed couldn’t name a comparable GOP organization. Organizations like She-PAC and VIEW PAC help to elect conservative women, but aren’t involved in the recruitment process, while groups like the NRCC’s “Woman Up!” initiative are more focused on messaging. “There are a lot of groups out there that people don’t realize are out there,” said one national Republican operative, who contrasted GOP women’s groups with ubiquitous Democratic organizations like EMILY’s List. But, the operative added, like the GOP, “they are starting to be more active.”…

ARE THERE WOMEN ISSUES or only EVERYDAY ISSUES? Texas GOP Vote One of the most interesting panel discussions, and one that we need to take heed of, was the ‘Women’s Leadership Issues Panel.’ It was comprised of women …

3 Floridians on NewsMax’s top 25 most influential GOP women (blog) Congrats to Pam Bondi, Ana Navarro and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for being named among the country’s top 25 most influential Republican women by Newsmax…

An attack on all women’s rights Socialist Worker Online The following is a speech from a nurse and activist in Chicago, who spoke to a crowd there about the importance of the struggle for women’s rights and access to …

Chicks on the Right get drive-time radio slot USA TODAY INDIANAPOLIS — What started out as a snarky blog blasting liberals and promoting the conservative way has landed two Indiana women full-time jobs.

The Chicks on the Right — an edgy conservative website launched in 2009 by Daisy (Amy Jo Clark) and Mockarena (Miriam Weaver) — will fill the vacant 4 to 6 p.m. drive-time slot on WIBC-FM, a Fox News radio station in Indianapolis. The time slot has been vacant since May when the host of “WIBC Afternoon News” left, said David Wood, the station’s program director.

Conservative women on ‘breadwinner’ moms and the GOP’s ‘woman … Washington Post …But poor, single mothers were far from the main focus in most of the coverage, an imbalance that resulted in the panel and a public “spanking,” as she called it, by Kay Hymowitz of the Manhattan Institute, author of “Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Is Turning Men Into Boys.”

At one point, the panel veered into the predictable conservative trope of blaming “liberal feminists” for destroying the family. But then Cathy Reisenwitz, a libertarian blogger at, said it was time that the political right stopped using feminism as a catch-all “straw man” for society’s ills.

“Women are stepping up, and it’s a great thing that they can,” said Reisenwitz, herself the daughter of a single mother. “We shouldn’t try to blame women for the fall of men.”

Look instead at how manufacturing jobs have disappeared, she said, in a soft, yet assured tone. Look at poverty. Look at an education system producing so many drop outs. Look at prisons crowded with young black and Hispanic men. There are bigger forces at work pushing mothers — single or married — into breadwinning roles than an ideology that has as its goal “gender equity and ending sexism.”

I caught up with Reisenwitz after the panel. Conservatives, she said, don’t talk about feminism. Or when they do, it’s through an outdated, “schizophrenic lens,” which says that men belong in the public sphere, at work, and women are in charge of the private sphere, at home.

Can Women Put an End to Sexist Politics? LinkedIn Today But that’s just the beginning. In the last five years, the list of male US politicians disgraced by sex scandals is both exhausting and embarrassing: John Edwards, …

12 cruel anti-suffragette cartoons The Week Magazine Throughout history, there were people who did not want women to vote. Women would work, they would pay taxes, they would technically be considered …


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