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How Conservative Media’s Slut-Shaming Helped Inspire Scientific Study. People ‘less apathetic’ to female leaders.

How Conservative Media’s Slut-Shaming Helped Inspire A Scientific Study Media Matters for America (blog) New research confirms that providing women access to free birth control does not result in women having sex with more partners — a false claim that …

A conservative ‘war on women’? That’s just silly Fox News The idea of a conservative “war on women” is as silly as the propaganda I was taught in college: Aside from sex organs, genders are exactly equal, …

Nancy Pelosi talks immigration and midterm elections 89.3 KPCC House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in town recently, for last weekend’s Democratic Convention and to promote her Women’s Economic Agenda.

At Male-Dominated Conference, CPAC Women’s Panel Tries To Be Heard RH Reality Check  The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)’s only all-female panel took the stage Saturday, in the final hours of the final day of the …

The real voting gap all about marriage Tyler Morning Telegraph They’re so invested in being ladies, they don’t even talk like women. … Aside from being insulting to theconservative women at the conference, the …

Women and elections

Allende becomes first woman to head Chile’s Senate Global Times Isabel Allende, daughter of the late Chilean leader Salvador Allende, on Tuesday became the first woman to serve as president of the Senate.

Women voters will play decisive role in Indian elections Irish Times Women voters in India will play a decisive role in determining the outcome in the country’s general election, polling for which begins on April 7th.

Weak female turnout at EP chamber elections Saudi Gazette DAMMAM — Only 68 out of the 777 registered and eligible women have so far cast their votes in the elections for the 17th board of the Eastern …

Quotas help more women enter Latin American politics Thomson Reuters Foundation In Colombia, where parliamentary elections were held last weekend, 21 women were elected to the 102-seat Senate – up four percent from 2010.

People ‘less apathetic’ to female leaders Jakarta Post Idle Hands: Workers sit around with nothing to do in a warehouse belonging to the General Elections Commission (KPU) in Palu, Central Sulawesi, …

Issue of quotas for women MPs may return, says Renzi Gazzetta del Sud english Issue of quotas for women MPs may return, says Renzi … introducing minimum quotas for women MPs when his election-law bill reaches the Senate.


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UK: Cameron to host summit on FGM and forced marriage. How Labour will strengthen family life and relationships.

How Labour will strengthen family life and relationships New Statesman Today, Labour’s Policy Review is running a symposium on family life and relationships. In this period of austerity, we need to support families, and use the power of their relationships and the networks they create to help strengthen people’s capacity for resilience,  care, and good neighbourliness.

We are building on the pioneering work of women in the feminist movement and the Labour Party who, along with men like the late Malcolm Wicks, redefined family policy.

Yes and No campaigns battle for female vote Herald Scotland (Subscription) But Labour’s shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran claimed women were not being won over by the Yes campaign, which, she said, just wanted …

David Cameron to host summit on FGM and forced marriage Liberal Democrat David Cameron will play host to Britain’s first Girls’ Summit this summer to galvanise efforts to end female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

The Prime Minister will convene the meeting in July, which will focus on tackling the abuse and oppression of women that is embedded in certain cultures, at home and abroad.

Cameron and Osborne can’t avoid the truth that their policies have hit women hardest New Statesman They say a picture tells a thousand words. And the image last month of David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions – trying to deny his government was out of touch while surrounded by an all-male frontbench – said it all. The lack of women at the top of the government goes to the heart of a deeper problem. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s worth assessing the impact on women of the decisions this government has taken over the last four years.

David Cameron: ‘We Cannot Rest Until Someone Is Prosecuted For Female Genital Mutilation’ Huffington Post David Cameron has vowed to make 2014 the year Britain will “end violence and discrimination against women” by stepping up action on FGM, forced marriage and unfair workplaces.

In a speech to mark International Women’s Day, he said the country would not rest until someone has been prosecuted for the “disgusting” practice of female genital mutilation.

Lucy Powell: Manchester’s first female MP writes on International Women’s Day Manchester Evening News March 8 is International Women’s Day and around the world men, as well as women, will be calling for greater equality for women.

Here in Manchester we have an especially proud history when it comes to fighting for equal rights for women. From those who matched at Peterloo, through the chartists, suffragettes and socialists, brave women like Elizabeth Gaskell, Hannah Mitchell and Emmeline Pankhurst have ensured that our city has always been at the forefront of the fight for equal rights.

Jenny Willott’s speech to Spring Conference Liberal Democrats Before I was elected, I worked at Unicef and I saw there the ability of organisations, businesses and governments to do good in the world.

Unicef is dedicated to bringing the international community together to champion the rights of every child, making sure that no matter who they are or where they live, they can grow up safe, happy and healthy.

The way my friends and colleagues there were committed to building a fairer, safer society, both at home and abroad, was an inspiration then, and it still is today.  And I’m sure they believed in a stronger economy too!

Baroness Northover, who speaks for the government on women and equalities in the Lords, has … BBC News Baroness Northover, who speaks for the government on women and equalities in the Lords, has suggested there is a particular problem with the number of female MPs standing down after one term.

The issue has been in the spotlight recently after Labour claimed the Conservatives have “a problem with women” – variously citing the gender balance in the cabinet and the decision to stand downby MPs Laura Sandys, Lorraine Fullbrook, Jessica Lee and previously Louise Mensch, all elected in 2010.

UK Baroness highlights project to empower women in the Middle East Al-Arabiya UK Senior Foreign Office Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi released a statement on Saturday in honor of International Women’s Day, highlighting the Arab Partnership Project, an initiative working to empower women in the Midde East.

The project works with governments, international organizations, and civil society in order for women in the Middle East to have better representation in government and increase their participation in political processes.

Labour leader supports Bolton Westhoughton woman’s sex education campaign The Bolton News LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has declared his support for a campaign urging the government to radically change sex education in schools.

YES Matters, a nationwide movement launched by a Westhoughton woman, is staging demonstrations in Victoria Square, Bolton today, as well as in Downing Street and Albert Square, Manchester.

Gemma Aitchison, aged 27, started the movement in the wake of a decision from the House of Lords to reject plans from the Department of Education to make a new sex education programme mandatory in schools.

Ms Aitchison met with Mr Miliband to discuss the objectification of women in society after her 16-year-old sister Sasha Marsden was murdered by a hotel owner in Blackpool in January 2013.

Blue Rinse Ladies close to outfoxing ‘coward’ Cameron on Hunting Act vote As David ­Cameron reaches the defining moments of his four-year Downing Street tenure, however, come warnings that he is in danger of committing his biggest political mistake by angering a small but increasingly influential Conservative pressure group of a rather different kind.

With international tensions simmering in the Ukraine, the economy on a knife-edge and the hoary questions of Scottish independence and a future EU referendum filling his in-tray, one would think the Prime Minister’s days are pretty well stretched.

Women Making A Difference Amal Ahmed Mohamed Amal Ahmed Mohamed, Director of Somaliland Family Health Association.

Volunteering at the hospital in Hargeisa changed my life. The Edna Adan University Hospital had a reputation for being the best maternity hospital in Somaliland because of the number of difficult cases referred there. The experiences I had there challenged everything I had taken for granted.

Why the UK is putting the spotlight on Syrian women’s issues Al-Arabiya The UK wants a strong voice for Syrian women to help reach a political solution to the Syria crisis.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary has written to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Joint Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and Foreign Ministers from a wide range of countries calling for Syrian women’s groups and civil society to have a formal role at the Geneva2 negotiations.

Men Are Target for UN Women’s Rights Campaign Bloomberg The primary audience for the United Nations campaign for women’s empowerment and gender equality won’t be women. The main objective is to first …

Champion mum nets reception with PM This Is Lancashire A DEDICATED mother-of-two is set to raise the profile of women’s football after she was invited to meet the Prime Minister.

As reported last week, Diana Golding, of Turks Road, Radcliffe, had beaten off stiff competition to be named Tesco Mum of the Year.

Now the 44-year-old, who has devoted years to supporting her football-mad daughters, has been granted an exclusive audience with David Cameron.

Today she will travel to Downing Street with her fellow award winners for a reception for inspirational women hosted by the Prime Minister as part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

Don’t just use women in science – listen to them too The Guardian Earlier this week, the Royal Society ran another of its women in science Wikipedia edit-a-thons. As a result, we now have new or improved entries on New Zealand immunologist Barbara Farnsworth Heslop, 18th-century German astronomer Marie Meurdrac, the doctor, lawyer and suffragette Letitia Fairfield and Conservative politician and aeronautical engineer Baroness Platt.

Key figures such as Uta Frith, Susan Solomon, Nancy Rothwell, Lorna Casselton, Gertrude B Elion, Heather Ann Cubie, Bridget Ogilvie and Elizabeth Fulhame are still on a list of entries to be expanded, but simply highlighting this is an important step. You might not recognise these names, but that’s the point: part of the knotty problem of women in science is simply that we don’t hear about them.


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Hormones and Women Voters: A Very Modern Scientific Controversy. Crucial role of men in gender equality. Gender bias in political coverage

The crucial role of men in gender equality MSNBC …This isn’t a gender war. Gender equality is not about women fighting men, about women taking from men, or men losing parts of themselves. When men speak out against gender inequality brought on by disadvantageous economic, cultural or legal contexts, it’s a declaration that equality must be the result of a joint – not antagonistic – leadership effort.

Back to Noah. His school program grew by almost a dozen guys, despite the negative stigma that came with joining. In his country of El Salvador, Plan International found 45% of male youth believe violence is part of being a man. Noah raised his voice to say “no.” And his peers followed.

Panel explores gender bias in political coverage The Providence Journal PROVIDENCE — Female candidates pay a price for sexist news coverage, according to research presented at a panel on Tuesday. Presenter Celinda …

Film Explores Lack of Elected Female Leadership in the US 90.5 WESA Meanwhile, the United States has never had a female president, and is ranked 69th worldwide in women’s representation in national legislatures or …

Men, money, muscle main hindrances The Daily Star The influence of money and muscle in the electoral process is a major hurdle for women’s political empowerment, two female politicians said yesterday.
“Men, money, muscle and bad politics represent as roadblocks for women’s taking part in elections,” said former foreign minister Dr Dipu Moni, alluding to political parties’ corruption in nominating candidates.
She was speaking at a roundtable, “Women’s Political Leadership in Bangladesh”, at Lakeshore Hotel in the capital, organised by Democracy International (DI) in association with USAID, UKAID and UNDP on the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8.

#CNNwomen Tweetchat: How can women change the world? CNN The conversation will focus on what gender equality means for women today and what practical steps we can take to make parity a reality for all.

Florida Special Previews Democrats’ 2014 Play for Women TIME (blog) Candidate for U.S. Congress Alex Sink turns in her mail ballot Wednesday morning, Feb. 26, 2014, at the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections …

Hormones and Women Voters: A Very Modern Scientific Controversy Discover Magazine (blog) A paper just out in the journal Psychological Science says that: Women Can Keep the Vote: No Evidence That Hormonal Changes During the Menstrual Cycle Impact Political and Religious Beliefs

This eye-catching title heads up an article that’s interesting in more ways than you’d think.

According to the paper, authors Christine Harris and Laura Mickes tried to reproduce the results of another paper, previously published in the same journal. The original study, by Kristina Durante and colleagues, claimed that some women’s political preferences changed over the course of their menstrual cycles: The Fluctuating Female Vote.


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Join the open PSA Women & Politics group on Facebook!

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Women pay high price for unpaid care work. Gender Equality and Economics.

Not-So-Strange Bedfellows: Gender Equality and Economics Diplomatic Courier We all know that Europe faces a looming demographic crisis of existential proportions—not a single country on the European continent claims a fertility rate at or above replacement rate (2.1). As a result, aging populations and shrinking workforces will contribute to unsustainable social spending and stunted economic growth. Now more than ever, these countries need a solution to overcome the problems that accompany industrial modernization. Beyond implementing short-term economic fixes and relaxing immigration quotas, enacting policies that reduce the economic gender gap is a common-sense solution.

GBV Is Not Just a Women’s Issue It’s time to for all of us in southern Africa to make ourselves deliberately uncomfortable about the extent of gender-based violence and open ourselves up to new thinking about how we are manifestly failing in our mission – given the empirical evidence of rising gender-based violence – and how we can change tack and bring some new thinking to the table.

This work remains seriously underfunded. Supporting victims is often small-scale, uncoordinated and under the radar. Attitudes towards gender-based violence in many local communities remain deeply troubling and unchallenged by our gender movement and our constitutional, human-rights work…


A Congolese woman roasts corn on the outskirts of Goma on November 7, 2013. REUTERS/Kenny Katombe

Women pay high price for unpaid care work Thomson Reuters Foundation As the debate about a future global development agenda to succeed the Millennium Development Goals in 2015 gathers pace, there is broad agreement that gender equality and women’s empowerment are crucial components. A growing body of robust evidence shows that countries that have achieved greater gender equality in employment and education also report higher rates of human development and economic growth, while women’s empowerment is increasingly seen as central to reducing poverty and better public health outcomes.

Many proponents of gender equality seek to pursue this goal by promoting women’s access to work and entrepreneurship opportunities, and increasing women’s political participation. All too often, however, these initiatives overlook a fundamental structural cause of gender inequality: women’s overwhelming responsibility for unpaid care work in homes and communities all over the world.

Political parties urged to mainstream women’s rights in poll manifestos Hindu Business Line NEW DELHI, MARCH 5: With the 16th Lok Sabha election process kicking off amid growing crimes against women, nine women’s organisations have raised issues, such as political and land rights, food security, safety and employment.

“The outcome of these elections will greatly impact women’s struggles for safety, equality and progress… These issues need to be mainstreamed in the political agenda and in future Government policy,” said a statement issued by All India Democratic Women’s Association, the National Federation of Indian Women, Centre for Women’s Development Studies, YWCA, All Indian Women’s Conference, Joint Women’s Programme, among others.

Cong banks on women workers to get fair share of votes Indian Express Facing a tough challenge in the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls, the Congress is falling back on its women wing in Maharashtra to woo women voters by reaching out to them with government decisions that are in their interest. However, the women wing too has sought candidature for at least six of the 26 Lok Sabha seats to be contested by the party in the state.

“We are inspired by the confidence shown by party vice-president Rahul Gandhi on the women wing of the party. He has urged women to get active and fight for equal share in politics,” said state women Congress chief Kamal Vyavhare.

South Korea’s first female president intimidated? Yeah right CNN What kind of politician is slashed in the face with a knife, and upon waking up in hospital the first thing they ask about is the election campaign?

Answer: Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s first female president, and a woman who has experienced her fair share of violence while working — and growing up — in government.

Park was left with an 11 centimeter wound across her cheek after she was attacked by a man at a political rally in 2006. Her apparently businesslike response after waking from surgery — “How is Daejeon?” — referring to the party’s campaign in that city, earned her the nickname “Queen of Elections.”

More than female leaders, India needs a women’s votebank Daily Mail The news that three of India’s women chief ministers – Mamata Banerjee, Jayalalithaa and Mayawati (now an ex-chief minister) – had opted out of joining the “fronts” and coalitions that are emerging prior to the Lok Sabha elections, and that each aspires “to reach Delhi” as a Prime Minister, has interesting implications.

This group of three has some very special characteristics. These women are not just single, they are also not part of the family dynasty syndrome – wives/widows/daughter-in-laws.

And these three women ruled some of the largest states with a total population of over 363 million, around 30 per cent of the Indian population.

ANC fails to secure a quorum to pass Gender Bill – Sandy Kalyan Politicsweb The highly problematic Women and Gender Equality Bill did not pass in the National Assembly this morning as the requisite number of 201 MPs were not present.

The DA welcomes this development. This Bill did little to ensure real empowerment of women and was little more than an attempt by Minister Lulu Xingwana to legislate herself into relevance before the elections.

We dismiss the arguments made by some Ministers in the House today in response to their failure. It is not the Democratic Alliance’s responsibility to ensure that bad legislation generated by an ANC government is passed. That is the ANC’s responsibility, and they failed in this regard on all fronts.

Women’s health issues still poorly represented in scientific studies Fox News Women’s health issues are still widely ignored in the world of scientific research – despite a law passed two decades ago mandating female representation in government-funded studies, HealthDay news reported.

In the latest review of the scientific literature, researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that there are still large gaps in the scientific process as it relates to women, with many studies failing to include women in patient data sets and ignoring gender-specific outcomes.

“The science that informs medicine routinely fails to consider the impact of sex and gender, and this occurs at some of the earliest stages of research — from animal to human studies,” said report author Dr. Paula Johnson, executive director of The Connors Center for Women’s Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Hollywood’s gender imbalance Socialist Worker Online Research conducted by the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University found that only 11 percent of the top 100 highest-grossing films of 2011 had a female protagonist–and women made up only a third of all characters in these films. As media critic Linda Holmes recently noted, during 2013′s summer blockbuster season, it was quite likely that a U.S. moviegoer could go to a multiplex and not find a single live-action fiction film starring a woman. Not one.

This is partially a reflection of studios’ increasing reliance on blockbusters, particularly big-budget action and sci-fi, which tend to be stories about men made for a perceived male audience. Commercially successful female-led franchises (The Hunger Games,Twilight) and bigger-budget comedies (BridesmaidsThe Heat) have had little impact on shifting this dynamic.

Another disturbing trend was noted in a recent New York Times article, in which film critics used statistical methods to analyze this year’s Oscar nominees. They found that nominated lead actresses appeared on screen for significantly less time than their male counterparts–an average of 57 minutes for women and 85 for men.

Women take charge of House Philippine Star MANILA, Philippines – In this house, women rule.

In celebration of International Women’s Month, female lawmakers took leadership positions in yesterday’s session at the House of Representatives.

“They may belong to different political parties, but when it comes to their causes, women lawmakers are united,” said Pangasinan Rep. Georgina de Venecia, who acted as Speaker in the plenary session.

Seventy-nine women are House members in the 16th Congress.

Reps. Linabelle Villarica of Bulacan, Marlyn Primicias-Agabas of Pangasinan, and Gwendolyn Garcia of Cebu were designated deputy speakers.


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US: GOP’s Project Grow withers. Madison, WI among ‘Best cities for feminists’. Do Male or Female Physicians Do More Housework?

Black Women Are an Electoral Voting Force. Recognize. RH Reality Check The 2014 midterm elections are fast approaching, and Planned Parenthood Action Fund has just rolled out its campaign to help educate voters about candidates’ positions on women’s health. “We know that women’s health is a winning issue and that no candidate will be able to win without a plurality of women,” the group’s president, Cecile Richards, said in a statement announcing the launch of the effort, dubbed the “Women are Watching” campaign, which is expected to spend more than $18 million in at least 14 states.

All this is great news for those of us who are big supporters of access to birth control and safe abortion care. And yet, the announcement has left me feeling cold and disconnected.

GOP’s Project Grow starts to wither MSNBC There was certainly nothing wrong with House Republicans making a conscious effort to improve its gender diversity – remember the committee chairmen chart? – but Jay Newton-Small checked on Project GROW’s progress and found that the party is “coming up short.”

Thirty years ago, Republicans and Democrats had equal numbers of female politicians, but since then Democratic female representation has taken off dramatically. Part of the problem is that Republican female state legislators tend to be more moderate than their male counterparts and therefore have a tougher time getting through increasingly partisan primaries, according to Debbie Walsh, director of the Center for American Women in Politics at Rutgers University. […]
Indeed, last election cycle 108 Republican women ran in House primaries, according to data compiled by Walsh’s center. Less than half won and only 20 were elected to Congress, most of them incumbents. The 19 Republican women currently serving in the House make up only 4.4 percent of the House, and only 8 percent of the GOP conference.
Those numbers are actually poised to get worse.


Which states were among the first to elect women to top political offices? Washington Post (blog) The great map and history lesson about the women’s suffrage movement over at GovBeat, which looks at states that led the way in giving women the vote, got us to thinking about how those states stack up now in terms of electing women to high office.

Well, it turns out that the 10 states that granted women the ballot before the movement gained steam on March 3, 1914, when representatives of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage testifying in a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, have among the best records for electing women to higher office.

First, the throwback map that highlights the 10 states:

Madison ranked among ‘Best cities for feminists’ Madison was left off a list of Best Cities for Hippies last year but it has just made a new list of 11 Best Cities for Feminists.

The online real estate service Estately didn’t rank the feminist cities in any order but did include Madison on the list that includes Washington, D.C., Detroit and Portland, Ore., along with a couple of surprises like Macon, Ga. and Honolulu.

“With plenty of emerging technology, Madison is a great place for women in STEM to make a good living, while also taking advantage of the University of Wisconsin’s many academic forums and opportunities. Wisconsin Women in Government also does great work to advance the number of females serving in political office,” Estately writes.

Female chemistry professors call for boycott after congress does not include women in list The Daily Princetonian Director of the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment Emily Carter is joining two other female theoretical chemists in a call for the boycott of the 15th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry because its preliminary list of speakers did not include women.

Laura Gagliardi, chemistry professor at the University of Minnesota, and Anna Krylov, chemistry professor at the University of Southern California, composed an open letter with Carter. The petition, an appeal to “condemn gender-biased discriminatory practices of which ICQC-2015 is the most recent example,” amassed 1,645 signatures by Monday evening.

The petition was in response to a partial list of speakers published on the ICQC website, Krylov said. Among the 24 speakers and five chairs mentioned, the list featured no women.

Carter, who began drawing attention to this issue by personally boycotting conferences 14 years ago, said she was in disbelief when she received emails from Krylov and Gagliardi explaining the lack of women at the ICQC.

Gender Gap: Do Male or Female Physicians Do More Housework? Physicians News Digest They found that female docs “spent 8.5 more hours per week on domestic activities,” according to the study published today in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The researchers focused their study on a specific subset of “physician-researchers who had received career development awards from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).”

There were several reasons the researchers focused on this academic group of physicians. First, these doctors are less constrained by time than other physicians who are more tied to a strict schedule of patient visits and surgeries.  Also, the men and women who choose an academic field do so because it ”is intellectually engaging, it affords the opportunity for self-determination (to be one’s own boss), and it is the coin of the realm in academics,” said Molly Cooke, MD, of the University of California, San Francisco and author of an accompanying editorial.


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Parliamentary Affairs articles on representation of women in parliamentary democracies. Free to access till the end of 2014.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the editors of Parliamentary Affairs have drawn together recent publications examining the representation of women in parliamentary democracies around the world. All papers are free to access until the end of 2014; please click on the links to download.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the editors of Parliamentary Affairs have drawn together recent publications examining the representation of women in parliamentary democracies around the world. All papers are free to access until the end of 2014; please click on the links to download.

Women’s Representation around the World: The Importance of Women’s Participation in the Workforce
Daniel Stockemer and Maeve Byrne

Strengthening Women’s Roles in Parliaments
Susan Markham

Cameron’s Problem with Women’: The Reporting and the Reality of Gender-Based Trends in Attitudes to the Conservatives, 2010–2011
Roger Mortimore, Gideon Skinner, and Tomasz Mludzinski

When Is Contagion Not Very Contagious? Dynamics of Women’s Political Representation in Scotland
Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay

Are Female Legislators Different? Exploring Sex Differences in German MPs’ Outside Interests
Benny Geys and Karsten Mause

Gendered Candidate Selection and the Representation of Women in Northern Ireland
Neil Matthews

Gender, European Integration and Candidate Recruitment: The European Parliament Elections in the New EU Member States
Cristina Chiva

Towards Parity Democracy? Gender in the 2012 French Legislative Elections
Rainbow Murray.

Attitudes Towards Women in Politics: Gender, Generation and Party Identification in Ireland
Yvonne Galligan and Kathleen Knight

‘Having it All?’ Women MPs and Motherhood in Germany and the UK
Joanna McKay


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Oscar voters are white, male and older, study shows. Who earns more: men or women? North or South?

Oscar voters are primarily white, male and older, study shows Hamilton Spectator Los Angeles Times study found that academy voters are markedly less diverse than the moviegoing public, and even more monolithic than many in the film industry may suspect. Oscar voters are nearly 94% Caucasian and 77% male, The Times found. Blacks are about 2% of the academy, and Latinos are less than 2%.

Oscar voters have a median age of 62, the study showed. People younger than 50 constitute just 14% of the membership.

The academy calls itself “the world’s preeminent movie-related organization” and its membership includes some of the brightest lights in the film business — Tom Hanks, Sidney Poitier, Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg, among others. The roster also features actors far better known for their television acting, such as Erik Estrada from “CHiPs,” Jaclyn Smith of “Charlie’s Angels” and “The Love Boat’s” Gavin MacLeod.

Sad but true: Oscar voters are old, white, male, and petty The Week Magazine It takes a certain kind of insanity to care about the subjective opinions of 6,000 total strangers. And yet, on Sunday night, roughly 40 million people will tune in to ABC to do just that.

We all know that the Academy Awards ceremony is Hollywood’s biggest night of the year. Each studio spends countless millions of dollars, on both production and promotion, to chase the whims of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which hands out the shiny golden trophies each year.

But who are these Oscar voters who command so much power and attention in the industry, anyway?

Who earns more: men or women? North or South? We look at wage gaps between men and women, and Northerners and Southerners.

According to the International Labour Organisation, there is no country on earth where women are paid as much as men.

The wage gap shows no sign of closing here in the UK, indeed the gap increased for the first time since 2008 and now stands at 10% so for every £1 men earn, women earn 90p.

Here’s how the pay divide has evolved in the past 15 years.

In her husband’s footsteps: Wives succeed their spouses in Congress USA TODAY Debbie Dingell formally launched her bid for Congress on Friday, instantly becoming the favorite to win the seat her husband, John, has held in the U.S. House of Representatives for more than 58 years.

But Dingell, a 60-year-old former General Motors executive, could also make history as the first woman to succeed her still-living spouse in Congress. Dingell is making campaign stops in Dearborn, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti in southeast Michigan today as she declares her candidacy for the congressional seat that has been in her husband’s family since 1933.

The One Way Republicans Can Stop the Democrats’ “War on Women” Messaging Slate Magazine (blog) Edward-Isaac Dovere has a piece up at Politico examining the Democrats’ “war on women” messaging, ramping up for the 2014 midterms, and the Republican response. As Dovere reports, Democrats are thinking beyond reproductive rights to recast income inequality, workplace protections, and possibly even immigration as “women’s issues.” Dovere casts that decision as a purely political one, but one reason the strategy works is because the evidence supports it: Women are disproportionately affected by income inequality and a lack of workplace protections, and feminist organizing might is throwing itself behind the issue of immigration reform.

Book Review: Women in the Club: Gender and Policy Making in the Senate by Michele Swers … LSE Review of Books ⋅ Blog Admin The current 113th Congress has the most women Senators in the body’s 225 year history: 20. Michele L. Swers’ book, Women in the Club: Gender and …

What happens to women online matters | MSNBC - YouTube Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests, Amanda Hess, Anthea Butler, Jill Filopovic, Nancy Giles, and Elon James White, discuss Amanda Hess’ article in …

Catherine Russell Is Turning the Tide on Women’s Rights Daily Beast Catherine Russell is settling into her second year as the State Department’s ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues, but already her findings—which she’ll discuss during our Women in the World D.C. event this Monday—are eye-opening.

Clinton Honors Men Working for Gender Equality Georgetown University The Hoya Hillary Rodham Clinton, former secretary of state and honorary founding chair of the Georgetown Institute of Women, Peace and Security, presented the 2014 HillaryRodham Clinton Awards for Advancing Women in Peace and Security in Gaston Hall on Tuesday to honor and celebrate the work of three leaders in the field.

Budgeting: Policy to end gender inequality stressed The Express Tribune They were speaking at a discussion and lobbying session on “gender-responsive budgeting (GRB)” mechanisms in Pakistan here on Wednesday.

The session was organised by the Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI) and Noor Pakistan in collaboration with the Evidence and Learning Based Learning Alliance (ELLA) to create awareness about gender gap challenges in Pakistan and the opportunities to reduce them.

Parliamentarians from four major political parties said that since poverty was more prevalent among women and girls in rural areas, they were far behind than their male counterparts in terms of human development and gender empowerment.

Sustainable Development Goals: Where do Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Stand? Thomson Reuters Foundation Friday File: The eighth session of the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals (OWG8) that took place 3-7 February 2014 in New York is the most recent in the series of consultations with governments and civil society on how to shape a set of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)[1] to merge with the new post-2015 development framework. AWID looks at the extent to which this intergovernmental process has included gender equality and women’s rights in their deliberations, and what areas remain a challenge as negotiations begin.

More women in Colombian politics, please Colombia Politics Women make up only 25% of the candidates in this year`s elections.  Sadly, most stand little chance of being elected, and are way down on the ballot paper.

The law says 30% of senate and congress hopefuls must be women, but many complain this is largely irrelevant if these candidates are mere also-rans.

The news is not all doom and gloom, however. Former President Alvaro Uribe`s right-wing Centro Democratico party, has women in 4 of its top 5 senate spots, while the Conservatives have Marta Lucia Ramirez and Polo Democrats Clara Lopez, as their presidential candidates.

Nordic gender equality goes New York Vereinte Nationen (UNO) 28 February 2014 – The Nordic countries have joined forces on gender equality for 40 years. The Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality are celebrating this with a number of events in conjunction with the annual session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York, which opens on 10 March.

This year’s priority theme is the challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals to promote gender equality and empower women and girls.28 February 2014 – The Nordic countries have joined forces on gender equality for 40 years. The Nordic Council of Ministers for Gender Equality are …

Sweden boosts gender equity in Zim The Zimbabwean Set to run from 2014- 2017, the programme brings together United Nations agencies, some of which include the UN Women, the International Labor Organisation, United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Population Fund and the government of Zimbabwe.

It includes other development partners and a number of different gender equality advocates whose aim isto supportgovernment in attaining its gender development goals.

Speaking at the launch of the four year programme, the Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe, LarsRonnås, said respect for women’s rights would foster sustainable development.

In search of more women leaders Mail Tribune Women may make up roughly 50 percent of the population, but they fill only 28 percent of the board seats for Jackson County companies and agencies.

While they appear on 38 percent of the non-profit boards, their representation dwindles to 20 percent in the for-profit realm.

When it comes to representation in the political arena, they fare even worse.

For evidence, look at the Medford City Council, where Karen Blair is the lone woman, said Jeanne Stallman, executive director for outreach and engagement at Southern Oregon University and the organizer of the Women’s Leadership Conference being held in Medford today.


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Call: Summer School in ‘The gender pay gap revisited – causes and consequences’. Amsterdam. GOP Struggle to GROW Women in Recruitment Drive.

Call_Summer School_Pay Gap Summer School: The gender pay gap revisited – causes and consequences of horizontal and vertical gender inequalities on the labour market

7-11 July 2014
University of Amsterdam/AIAS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Application form:


Miriam Clegg attacks ‘abhorrent’ FGM Evening StandardMiriam González Durántez, who is married to Nick Clegg, praised the … Around 66,000 women are believed to be victims of FGM in the UK, with …

Our Iron Lady The SandPaper The conservative woman is a force to be reckoned with, from Margaret Thatcher to Sarah Palin, and even Jenny Beth Martin. These women and …

Historic day as European Union legalizes selling sex but criminalizes buying it Times of IndiaOn Wednesday, 343 members of the European Parliament backed a proposal placed by London MEP and Labour spokeswoman for women in …

Senate Liberals to hold open caucus on murdered, missing Indigenous women APTN National News OTTAWA–The recently formed Senate Liberal caucus plans to discuss the ongoing issue of murdered and missing Indigenous women during its first …

Republicans Struggle to GROW Women in Recruitment Drive TIME (blog)“Kathleen is exactly the kind of strong woman we need more of in Congress,” Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner said at the time. “Congress needs more …

Four Women Among Confirmed Speakers for CPAC Newsmax.comFour women and 22 men are among the confirmed speakers for next week’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), taking the stage at a …

MCC Encourages Female Shadow Councilors, MPs AllAfrica.comHe said most women do not participate in elections because their capacities are very low, hence the need to build their capacities so that more women …

2015: Activist Makes Case For Female Governors Nigerian Observer… Ukaegbu, has called on political parties in the country to ensure that at least four women were elected governors during the 2015 general elections.

New programme to promote gender equality in Lebanon launched ANSAmed The European Union, which is funding this programme, fully supports NCLW’s efforts to achieve full gender equality in Lebanon, to guarantee …


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Feb 22 round-up: Working with masculinities. Hate Sexism? Why Are You Making These Mistakes?

Myth and Reality: New Alliances to Challenge Stereotypes and Build Gender Equality Beyond 2015 Institute of Development Studies All over the world women’s rights activists, gender experts, donors, government representatives, and UN staffers are gearing up for this year’s …

Purdue department heads face gender inequality with salary, selection Purdue Exponent Purdue’s department head positions face differences in salary by gender and selection which dates back to the time many faculty received their …

Working with masculinities The Hindu

It is often assumed that gender equality will make the world better, safer, happier and more dignified for girls and women. What is forgotten is that it will …

Hate Sexism? Why Are You Making These Mistakes? A provocative new film from The Representation Project asks us to rewrite … Do you think it’s time to shake up how we think about men and women?

To a Tory, all women look the same: Philip Hammond’s female faux pas Evening Standard Hammond’s problem with women is only the latest humiliation in the Tory party’s recent failings in gender equality. David Cameron has said he wants …

‘I know we women all look the same’ Hammond told after Question Time gaffe Ms Kendall, the shadow health minister, immediately turned to the Conservative Cabinet minister and said: “It’s Liz Kendall not Rachel Reeves.”.

Are Labour losing more women MPs than the Tories as Guido Fawkes claims? Are Labour losing more women MPs than the Tories as Guido Fawkes claims? 11 hours ago. 37 points · Sport · How many points do you need to avoid …

Women’s wellbeing is about more than job quotas The Guardian In fact, the ham-fisted “counting women in work” approach that the government is taking reminds me of Labour’s “counting women in government” …

Women’s participation will give a booster shot to Saudi election Arab News THE Saudi municipal elections of 2015 are just around the corner and women will finally be allowed to fully participate both as candidates and voters.

Meet Egypt’s first female political party leader Al-Arabiya A flicker of hope for women across Egypt may have been sparked on Friday, after the first female to head a political party in the country was elected.

Top Democratic candidates rally female base in Austin, sounding themes for general election The Tribune AUSTIN, Texas — The Democratic candidates for governor and lieutenant governor are rallying theirfemale base, sounding the themes for the …

In web ads, Republican Ken Buck looks to women voters for support Denver Post Exit polls revealed Bennet received large backing from women voters. … to attract unaffiliated suburban who women often swing statewide elections.

Bachmann: Many Voters ‘Aren’t Ready’ for a Female President Wall Street Journal (blog) She responded that many people “aren’t ready” for a female president, even though they were ready for the first African American president.

Pathways to empowerment: women and the economy in the developing world Houston Chronicle (blog) The World Bank selected the topic of gender equality and development as the … on Middle Eastern politics, democratization, and gender and politics.

Positive developments for women’s empowerment and gender equality in Jordan, UN official says Petra News Agency Executive Director of the UN Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, told Petra that the UN body aims to …

Beyond Investing In Women And Girls Thomson Reuters Foundation Our understanding of the complexity of funding sectors and financial mechanisms for women’s rights and gender equality has evolved, but the results …

Getting women on corporate boards: Canada’s middling approach just might work The Globe and Mail The Ontario Securities Commission has proposed a comply-or-explain regime to increase representation of women on boards and in senior …

Leadership Development project for women launched BusinessGhana The three-year project is being implemented by the African Women … get them to support women candidates in the local government elections.

Rollback of Women’s Rights: Not Just in Afghanistan National Geographic And it guarantees parity between men and women in all elected assemblies. Further, it obliges the state to act through public authorities by taking …


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