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UK: Lib Dems, parental leave and flexible working. Old Etonians, Red Princes: Tories, Labour revert to dynastic politics.

Old Etonians and Red Princes: Tories and Labour are reverting to dynastic politics (blog) …Cameron’s trouble is that his chumocracy is overlaid with more than a whiff of class privilege that most of us thought had disappeared from politics 40 years ago. Since the 1970s the composition of prime ministers’ kitchen cabinets has been remarkably diverse. Edward Heath, Harold Wilson and Margaret Thatcher were all grammar school educated. Admittedly they all went to Oxford, though Margaret Thatcher used to boast: “I never let it hold me back”. Jim Callaghan went to a bog standard secondary school and did not go to university. Nor did Bernard Ingham, another grammar school boy. Campbell, McBride and Balls all went to Oxbridge after going to state schools or private day schools.

Friends: The One with The Other Woman ‘Dave was in a splendid mood as he arrived for his weekly strategy meeting with the Central Office whizz-kids Julian and Sophie.

“You can’t tell me I should be more like Nigel Farage this week!” he chortled. “He’s been accused of having an affair and paying for his mistress with EU funds. This’ll prick the Ukip bubble all right – no pun intended, ho-ho!”

The two young masterminds did not seem amused, however. “Actually, PM, what with the upcoming Euro-elections and the likelihood we’ll come third behind Ukip and Labour, we still think you should go the Farage route,” Julian said.

Dave was aghast: “But I can’t be any ruder about immigrants, just to appease that mob. Sam and I can’t get a dinner-party invitation in Notting Hill as it is.”

“We’re not talking immigrants,” Sophie explained. “This is all about your problem with women.”

Headhunters take on Cable over all-women shortlists Scotsman (blog) Business Secretary Vince ­Cable has called for an investigation into the idea, which he believes could lead to more women taking top posts at Britain’s leading companies, even if it means excluding men entirely from the recruitment process.

But headhunters have warned the proposal is fraught with legal difficulties, is unfair, and could backfire. Sue O’Brien, chief executive of City recruitment consultants, Norman Broadbent, said: “We always look for a diverse shortlist. It’s the headhunter’s responsibility to provoke the thinking of their clients. But I don’t agree with 100 per cent female shortlists. We have to make sure that the top, say, four candidates for a job are the best four people…

Jenny Willott writes… How Lib Dems are giving families choice through shared parental leave and … Liberal Democrat Voice As a mother with two small children myself, I know how hard it can be to balance work and family life. And as a Lib Dem, I firmly believe in equal opportunities for all and tackling discrimination, whatever form it takes.

So I am really excited that with Lib Dems in Government, we are shaking up the status quo to make it easier for parents with young children to arrange their work/life balance however best suits them.

David Cameron praises Selsdon teenager for raising awareness of ‘barbaric’ female genital … Croydon Advertiser A SELSDON school prefect has received praise from Prime Minister David Cameron for her work raising awareness of a “barbaric” practice.

Katie Tomsett this week organised a conference at her school, Croydon High, about female genital mutilation, which was attended by world-leading experts on the issue.

The Advertiser recently discovered more than 140 women had been treated for FGM between 2010 and 2013 at Croydon University Hospital, although experts say thousands more girls in Croydon are at risk.


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Retirement not a matter for gender equality. Progress on UN gender goals marred by ‘honor’ system.

Are Capability And Commitment Enough To Bring More Women To The Table? Forbes As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s very disappointing that the business world still suffers from lack of female representation on boards …

Retirement not a matter for gender equality, say most Global Times A recent survey to discover attitudes to the age of retirement for women, discovered that more than 60 percent of the Shanghai residents questioned …

WOMEN: Experts call for engaging men and boys as allies in fight for gender equality UN News Centre 12 March 2014 – Gender equality is not just a concern for women and girls, a panel of experts gathered at the United Nations in New York stressed …

Women making progress in parliaments New Zealand Herald UNITED NATIONS (AP) Women could achieve equal representation with men in the world’s parliaments in less than 20 years if the current rate of …

Progress on UN development goals marred by ‘honor’ system Jerusalem Post Three indicators are described: equal girls’ enrollment in primary school; women’s share of paid employment; and women’s equal representation in …

African Women Call for Equal Protection to Land Ownership “Women have to be there to play, and to be in to win. Women need to start with registration for transformation. If women want women’s representation, …

New women universities to be established Pakistan Observer He said that new women universities are being established in Bahawalpur, … Similarly, at least 30 percent representation of women has been made …

Santiago: Next president should be female to meet PH gender equality goal MANILA, Philippines – To ensure the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDG) of gender equality, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago …

Ministry for women empowerment urged Arab News “Our society is structured in such a way that women’s issues are always handled separately and the participation of women is needed in the decision …

‘Libyan women should have the same rights as men’ Saudi Gazette During her campaign for a female quota in last month’s elections, she was able to gain support from a majority of Congress members apart from the …

Quotas help more women enter Latin American politics Thomson Reuters Foundation Socialist Party Senator Isabel Allende (C) takes her seat as president of the Chilean Senate at the new Congress’s first session, before the inaugural …


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GOP Needs a Better Story for Women. Huckabee Thinks Female Candidates Require ‘a Sense of Pedestal’.

‘Boss Bill’ prevents employer’s religious beliefs from infringing on women’s health care decisions Legislative Gazette With the Women’s Equality Act stalled in the Senate Labor Committee, advocates want to ensure that the reproductive health rights secured by the …

Mike Huckabee Thinks Female Candidates Require ‘a Sense of Pedestal’ National Journal There’s good reason for Huckabee to have female politicians on the brain. …Huckabee is trying to convince female voters that it is Democrats, not …

GOP Needs a Better Story for Women The American Conservative During the CPAC panel, “Why Conservatism is Right for Women: How Conservatives Should Talk About Life, Prosperity & National Security” five …

Obama Targets Women’s Vote Ahead of Midterm Elections Wall Street Journal President Barack Obama has stepped up his fundraising for the midterm elections in recent weeks, headlining events in Boston, Washington and New …

The GOP’s Latest Effort To Win Over Women Voters Huffington Post A new Republican political action committee aimed at targeting female voters kicked-off its efforts in Texas on Wednesday, Politico reports. The PAC …

Male breadwinner and unpaid female bread maker?: Outdated Thomson Reuters Foundation In the world of work, the global unpaid daily labour of women caring for families – including children, the disabled and the elderly – across the life cycle …

Angela Rye Talks GOP War on Women w MSNBC’s Ed Schultz – YouTube

Obama rallies women lawmakers at forum The Hill (blog) President Obama will host women of Congress at the White House for a Wednesday meeting in the administration’s latest bid to focus attention on its 

Obama Meets Women Members of Congress Getty Images WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 12: U.S. President Barack Obama attends a meeting with women lawmakers in the Roosevelt Room of the White House …

The real voting gap all about marriage Tyler Morning Telegraph “The leaders of the GOP just can’t comprehend that women’s circumstances … Fifty-three percent of married female voters went for Romney. Among …

Why Women’s Colleges Still Matter, and Attending Barnard Was the Best Decision I Ever Made Bustle Only 2 percent of women decide to attend a women’s college, and yet over 20 percent of the women in Congress are graduates of women’s colleges.

RedState Women Offers a New Voice in Texas Politics Gilmer Mirror RSW will play a major role in the 2014 general elections, as well as other key state elections in this and future cycles. The group will highlight the …

New Hampshire GOP Lawmaker Jokes About ‘Battered Women’: ‘I Still Eat Mine Plain’ Huffington Post Kyle Tasker (R) went on a public Facebook forum Monday and posted a sexually explicit joke about women who have been the victims of domestic …

GOP strategist: ‘No stupid comments’ about women MSNBC One of the panelists on a discussion conservative women in politics had a message for men within the party: no dumb comments this cycle and let …

Huckabee: How to Run Against Women Opponents Wall Street Journal (blog) Mike Huckabee delivers remarks during the 41st Annual Conservative … “I’ve twice run against women opponents, and it’s a very different kind of …


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UK: Feminism has wreaked havoc – time for women to hit back. Gender gap gives No camp some independence polling power.

Record View: Gender gap gives No camp some independence polling power Scottish Daily Record TODAY’S exclusive Daily Record poll on independence makes fascinating reading. It shows Alex Salmond faces a formidable challenge to secure a Yes vote in September’s referendum. With just six months to go, the First Minister needs to convince almost every remaining undecided voter to back his plan to break up Britain. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the figures is the gender gap. The survey indicates a higher proportion of men now support going it alone while more women are against it.

Barrister Justine Thornton says sexism still a problem for women lawyers at Camden school talk Ham&High Top lawyer Justine Thornton – wife of Labour leader Ed Miliband – has spoken out about sexism in the legal professions at a talk to schoolchildren to mark International Women’s Week.

Kathy Gyngell: Feminism has wreaked havoc – it’s time for women to hit back Conservative Home Last week on Woman’s Hour that godmother of feminism, Bea Campbell, in suitably sepulchral tones, informed a shocked Jenni Murray that the amount of housework men do has only increased by a minute a year over three decades. Murray did not raise an eyebrow at this ridiculous statistic. She waited in respectful anticipation for more evidence of the victimisation of women. Today this crazy insistence on gender parity in the home and in the workplace frames every aspect of public policy. It matters not which political party is in power, feminist orthodoxy reigns supreme. In an act of utter futility, the Conservatives pursue women voters on Labour’s gender equality ticket. As Paul Johnson of the IFS wrote recently, political agreement is fine, unless it is wrong.

Bank Of England MPC Has No Women As Appointments ‘On Merit’ Says Sajid Javid Huffington Post UK Tory minister Sajid Javid has sparked controversy for suggesting that women did not “merit” serving on the Bank of England‘s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC). The Treasury minister told MPs that the nine-man committee, which oversees interest rates, “consists of individuals who are best-qualified to make the decisions necessary to achieve the government’s monetary policy objectives.” Since George Osborne became chancellor, all four of the new appointments to the Bank’s MPC have been men. “All appointments are made on merit,” Javid explained, in remarks that Labour branded “outrageous”.

Could this woman be the next female Prime Minister? For a man who, according to the polls, is on the path to power, Ed Miliband remains unloved by the country, and a matter of some indifference to many in his party. Last time I looked, the Labour leader’s approval ratings were minus 17 per cent (source: Opinium political polling) – not nearly as bad as Nick Clegg’s, but a lot worse than the prime minister’s. And whereas David Cameron gets a plus 87 per cent rating from his own party, Miliband only manages plus 47 per cent (worse even than Clegg’s plus 56 per cent). So more than half his own party can’t muster any support for him.

Annie Brown: Female representation boils down to who is running the show Scottish Daily Record WITH women only account for 16 per cent of the movers and shakers in the film and small screen industry ANNIE says it’s clear to see that female …

Labour announce all-woman shortlist for Batley and Spen seat Batley News Last week MP Mike Wood announced he will stand down at the next general election in 2015 after 18 years serving the constituency.
A spokesman for Labour confirmed that the national executive committee had decided to select its next candidate from an all-female shortlist to improve the gender balance in the party.
In Dewsbury and Mirfield, Labour candidate Paula Sheriff was chosen from a similar shortlist to contest Simon Reevell’s seat.
The shortlists aim to improve the gender balance in the party. What do you think? Are all-women shortlists needed to address the lack of female MPs?

WATCH: Shadow Home Secretary visit to Wetherby on International Women’s Day Harrogate Advertiser In a weekend visit to Wetherby, Yvette Cooper, MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford sat down with five business owners and Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Elmet and Rothwell Veronica King to discuss the opportunities for women in business and the challenges they face. Ms Cooper said: “What we know is that women starting up their own businesses is very important to the local economy, though it can often be difficult for them to get the appropriate financing. “It is improving right across the country but growing a business and supporting a family can be really hard work.

Women meet MP to discuss issues Lancashire Evening Post The MP for West Lancashire, Rosie Cooper, met with 15 women for a ‘What Women Want’ discussion on an extensive range of issues affecting women in their day-to-day lives to mark International Women’s Day. Attending the event at Christ Church Ministry Centre, Aughton were women involved in the business, education, health, law-enforcement, charity and voluntary sector, and community sectors, all with different experiences, different areas of expertise and interests and different ages.

Scottish politician seeks independent woman for voting commitment Channel 4 News (blog) We’ve had the soccer moms, now let’s hear it for the shinty maws. For those of you unfamiliar with Gaelic sports, I refer of course to the importance of women in the Scottish independence referendum. Scotland’s deputy first minister Nicola Sturgeon (pictured above) has suggested that if she can win over women, her party will win the referendum. Just 27 per cent of women say they’ll vote Yes to independence in September, with 59 per cent planning to vote No. So between now and then, Scottish women – whether shinty maws or otherwise – will be as eagerly wooed by politicians of all hues as were the soccer moms who felt the full force of Bill Clinton’s electoral charms.

Lamont says ‘huge issues facing women’ deeper than constitutional debate BBC News Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont led a debate entitled Women in Scotland on 12 March 2014. Ms Lamont said: “The huge issues facing women, here and abroad, are deeper than any constitutional arrangements and must be addressed with political will regardless of what the constitutional settlement might be.” She highlighted the political, social and economic advancement of women in Scotland but pointed out the barriers into education, employment and representation in public life needed to be addressed, as well as the challenges women faced throughout the world. Ms Lamont said: “In freeing women we create a better society that’s better and fairer for our daughters and sons.”

Let women reach top on own merits Belfast Telegraph …Around 70% of 300 delegates at last year’s conference voted against compulsory quotas to ensure representation of women at board level. Ms Kinnaird said: “I am very much a proponent of people getting to whatever position in life on back of their own merits rather than satisfying quotas… people should be there because they have the skillset and deserve to be in that position, rather than ticking a box.”

Labour Council supports women’s shelters Exchange Morning Post (press release) Kitchener – The Waterloo Regional Labour Council raised more than $4,600 for local women’s shelters in the Waterloo Region at its first annual International Women’s Day fundraiser brunch last Saturday. Fran Parry and Lois Iles, Co-Chairs of the Council’s Women’s Committee, were deeply gratified by the outpouring of support from the almost 160 women and men who attended. In addition to the many union members who took part in the event, local dignitaries Catherine Fife (MPP Kitchener-Waterloo), Julie White (UNIFOR Women’s Department Director), and Stephen Soucie (KW Sexual Assault Centre) attended and spoke about the importance of women getting involved in fighting for social change.


Quotas aren’t needed for able women to win electoral success Sydney Morning Herald That region has wall-to-wall female representation from the two major parties at federal and state level with just two exceptions: Liberal whip Bill Tilley …

Women should make up 50 per cent of MPs The Australian (blog) Members of parliament are meant to represent the interests of their constituents. That is why many systems of representation are proportional. Women …

Queensland Governor Penelope Wensley calls for an end to Australian society’s `entrenched bias … And in a strong speech to an invited group of women at Government House, she called for betterrepresentation of women on the annual Order of …


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Check out the PSA specialist group on Parliaments and Legislatures!

PSA specialist group on Parliaments and Legislatures 

This group focuses on the study of parliament and our members include single country specialists as well as those with comparative interests. Our research encompasses questions about executive-legislative relations, scrutiny, organisation and procedure, committees, institutional change and reform, parliamentary parties, representation, parliamentary careers, public engagement and trust.

Our members work on a wide range of legislatures, at national, sub-national and supra-national levels of governance, and encompass both modern and historical perspectives, as well as qualitative and quantitative approaches. The specialist group supports members in their research and promotes the exchange of ideas through conferences, workshops, publications and the group’s blog.

The new group convenors are Cristina Leston-Bandeira ( and Louise Thompson (


CHART: Men have 50 minutes more daily leisure than women. Parliamentary gender equality in less than 20 years?

CHART (US): How Women Spend Their Time Vs. How Men Spend Their Time Business Insider Australia Although we have made great strides towards women’s equality over the last few decades, men and women still spend their time in different ways.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics runs an annual survey of Americans asking how they use their time. The survey results are broken down into a number of different demographic groups.

Women still spend more time doing household activities (a little over two hours a day, versus about an hour and fifteen minutes for men) and taking care of family members (40 minutes for women, against 20 minutes for men).

Men spend about an hour and fifteen minutes per day more than women at work and work-related activities, and men have about fifty minutes more daily leisure time than women.

Women in Politics Map 2014 shows gender equality in parliaments could be achieved in less than … The Independent Women could achieve equal representation in parliaments across the world in less than 20 years, a new study has predicted.

The Women in Politics Maps 2014 released by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and UN Women shows that women could achieve equality if the current rate of progress is maintained.

However, the prospect of reaching the target is hindered as women have hit a glass ceiling in becoming president or prime minister.

The map shows that the number of women parliamentarians across the world is at a record 21.8 per cent, following a 1.5 per cent increase over the last year.

Despite push for gender equality - Nordic countries the worst in violence against women Catholic Online LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic online) – In the study, more than 42,000 women in the E.U.’s 28 countries were questioned about a range of experiences – from being pushed, shoved, slapped, cut, beaten and burned to being raped, harassed in the workplace, prevented from leaving the house and stalked.

Fifty-two percent of Danish women interviewed said they had experienced physical and/or sexual violence at least once since the age of 15. Finnish women reported at least 47 percent and 46 percent of Swedish women both reported similar experiences, according to the poll by the European Union Fundamental Rights Agency …

Korea lags in gender equality in politics Korea Times Korea lags far behind in terms of gender equality in politics, according to a global report issued Wednesday. The Women in Politics Map of the …

‘Gender equality must for socioeconomic development’ Business Recorder Speakers at the “International Women’s Day Conference” on Tuesday urged the government and civil society to ensure equal opportunities for women to help the country in attaining rapid growth and development. The conference was organised by Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) here at a hotel.

Gender equality: The Finnish way Himalayan Times KATHMANDU: KATHMANDU: “The exhibition aims to share Finland’s experience on gender equality, show that equality is possible but that it takes time. We have tried to depict how women of Finland have struggled for gender equality and also hope to inspire others,” expressed Leena Rikkila Tamang, Regional Director, Asia and the Pacific of IDEA at ‘100 years of Women’s Voices and Action in Finland’, an exhibition that began on March 10 at the Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited.

The exhibition displays photographs and information about the rise of Finnish women over the last 100 years in various fields.

The black-and-white photographs showcase Finnish women in different professions and doing everyday work. You can see women pilots, women in social welfare organisations as well as women working in hospitals, among others…

Gender Equality Not About Power – Dr Molokomme “Women’s day is about celebrating their contributions, their struggles, and their strengths, often against odds,” she said.

Dr Molokomme noted that women’s day also called for governments, NGO’s and individuals to re-commit themselves and play their part in diminishing inequality.

Empowering women, she said had a positive impact in the society especially in area of improved nutrition, better education and good health…

Gender Equality Vital to Prosperity, State’s Russell Says Washington — Helping women around the world access decent-paying jobs would increase economic prosperity for all, says Catherine Russell, the U.S. Department of State’s ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues.

Russell spoke February 20 at the launch of the World Bank’s Gender at Work report, which she lauded as providing “a comprehensive road map” for encouraging women’s economic empowerment…

“Men must learn what gender equality means,” says UNFPA during UNCSW conference WNN – Women News Network Speaking at a side event at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) inNew YorkBabatunde Osotimehin, the executive director of the UNFPA, said existing power structures are preventing women from exercising their rights, which will undermine the impact of the next set of sustainable development goals.

At an event organised by the International Planned Parenthood Federation(IPPF), Osotimehin said: “Why is it possible for men to have access to condoms without any question, but when it comes to providing contraception to women and girls, the whole world comes against you? It’s about power. Men want to determine what women do and tell them what to do and how to do it. That must stop. Men must learn to accept gender equality.”

Pembrey teenager speaks out for gender equality Llanelli Star THIRTEEN-year-old Megan Davies is fighting for a better future for women everywhere. The teenager, from Pembrey, championed gender equality in her school and beyond ahead of International Women’s Day, which took place on Saturday. Megan, an Ysgol y Strade student, spoke out against the issue, which she feels can have a detrimental impact on economic growth, democracy and society. Despite her age Megan, said she had already come up against inequality in her own life.

Christian Aid Calls for Global Action Against Gender Inequality World leaders must take action against gender inequality if they are serious about eradicating global poverty, says Christian Aid. Today (10th March), delegates from global governments meet in New York for the annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), which addresses women’s universal rights and gender equality.

The talks will focus on progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the new planned Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) that will follow on from 2015, which could offer significant opportunities to deepen global commitment to gender equality.

New land law in Liberia: Women across Africa seek equal protection to land ownership rights WorldStage Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf, along with Liberian Minister of Gender and Development Julia Duncan-Cassel, welcome land reform recommendations from Central and West Africa regional organization REFACOF (African Women’s Network for Community Management of Forests) and Liberia’s Foundation for Community Initiatives (FCI).

As honored guests at Liberia’s International Women’s Day Celebrations  in Monrovia on Saturday, March 8, REFACOF and FCI presented a statement to President Sirleaf urging the President to include “clear safeguards and specifics on how women’s rights to own, access, use and control land would be recognized and protected” in Liberia’s New Land Law, currently being vetted by Liberia’s internal vetting committee. In an open statement to participants, REFACOF President Cécile Ndjebet stressed the importance of securing women’s rights to land and providing equal protection of these rights to enhancing women’s status and accelerating prosperity in Liberia and across Africa.

‘Women in the Know’ forum discusses global women’s issues Oak Park Leaves Amie Marks believes that when women get together to exchanges ideas, it not only empowers them, but it solves problems. That was Marks’s thought process when she created “Women in the Know,” a series of discussions that covers global women’s issues.

“When you gather women together and you give them something to solve, they listen to each other, they learn from each other and they come up with good solutions,” said Marks, a Lake Forest wife and mother, as well as a registered principal and advisor for Raymond James. “Women want to know what’s going on in the world. They want to understand some of the things in a macro way that affect their lives and they often get involved because that’s how women are.”


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How Conservative Media’s Slut-Shaming Helped Inspire Scientific Study. People ‘less apathetic’ to female leaders.

How Conservative Media’s Slut-Shaming Helped Inspire A Scientific Study Media Matters for America (blog) New research confirms that providing women access to free birth control does not result in women having sex with more partners — a false claim that …

A conservative ‘war on women’? That’s just silly Fox News The idea of a conservative “war on women” is as silly as the propaganda I was taught in college: Aside from sex organs, genders are exactly equal, …

Nancy Pelosi talks immigration and midterm elections 89.3 KPCC House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was in town recently, for last weekend’s Democratic Convention and to promote her Women’s Economic Agenda.

At Male-Dominated Conference, CPAC Women’s Panel Tries To Be Heard RH Reality Check  The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)’s only all-female panel took the stage Saturday, in the final hours of the final day of the …

The real voting gap all about marriage Tyler Morning Telegraph They’re so invested in being ladies, they don’t even talk like women. … Aside from being insulting to theconservative women at the conference, the …

Women and elections

Allende becomes first woman to head Chile’s Senate Global Times Isabel Allende, daughter of the late Chilean leader Salvador Allende, on Tuesday became the first woman to serve as president of the Senate.

Women voters will play decisive role in Indian elections Irish Times Women voters in India will play a decisive role in determining the outcome in the country’s general election, polling for which begins on April 7th.

Weak female turnout at EP chamber elections Saudi Gazette DAMMAM — Only 68 out of the 777 registered and eligible women have so far cast their votes in the elections for the 17th board of the Eastern …

Quotas help more women enter Latin American politics Thomson Reuters Foundation In Colombia, where parliamentary elections were held last weekend, 21 women were elected to the 102-seat Senate – up four percent from 2010.

People ‘less apathetic’ to female leaders Jakarta Post Idle Hands: Workers sit around with nothing to do in a warehouse belonging to the General Elections Commission (KPU) in Palu, Central Sulawesi, …

Issue of quotas for women MPs may return, says Renzi Gazzetta del Sud english Issue of quotas for women MPs may return, says Renzi … introducing minimum quotas for women MPs when his election-law bill reaches the Senate.


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Why you should talk politics on your first date. Gender inequality crucial to winning battle against poverty.

6 Liberal Democrat Leadership Contenders Who Could Replace Nick Clegg Huffington Post Jo Swinson – Business Minister UK With only seven female MPs the Lib Dems have a ‘women problem’ that arguably runs deeper than the Conservative Party’s troubles – Swinson could be the answer to that. If Clegg steps down the 34-year-old business minister will be able to point to experience of government while at the same time presenting a fresh, and young, face to the party and the country. As a Scottish MP, Swinson would also be the only Scottish party leader in Westminster in a post-independence referendum Britain. However just like Cable, Swinson’s age may count against her in reverse – in 2015 she will be only be 35 years old. There is also the small problem of the general election itself. At 2,184, her majority in East Dunbartonshire is not exactly impossible to overturn by her Labour challenger. And of course if Scotland votes to become independent in 2014, it would be politically impossible to stand for the leadership of a UK party.

Meeting at Newstead Miners Welfare of protesting parents and officials who have come to help them with their fight to keep the childcare facility open, pictured left is MP Gloria De Piero and Leonie Mathers Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Sherwood of the next general election.

Newstead mums talk to Gloria Mansfield Chad A group of mums from Newstead spoke candidly to Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero about their everyday lives as she brought her ‘What Women Want’ tour to a close.

Gloria, the shadow women and equalities minister, was joined by Léonie Mathers, Labour’s Sherwood Parliamentary candidate, at the listening event at the Newstead Centre on Tilford Road on Friday.

Held to mark International Women’s Day, the event gave the women the chance to be as honest, open, brutal and frank as they wanted.

“The views expressed by the women on everything from the threat of closure of their nursery to affordable childcare, unemployment and the cost of living will be fed to the top level of politics with the results presented to Ed Miliband,” said Gloria.

Why you should talk politics on your first date Daily Life 

Remember that classic scene in When Harry Met Sally…, where Meg Ryan’s Sally quizzes Billy Crystal’s Harry about his gender ideology during their first date?

You don’t? Oh yeah, that’s because it never happened.

There’s a good reason that first date conversation never veers close to gender politics. When it comes to dating conventions, the technical term for this topic is ‘boner killer’.

But, based on a recent study published in the Journal of Family Issues, asking your prospective partner about his views on gender equality could save a lot of time and frustration down the track.

Dublin Councillor calls for 50% of seats to go to women in local elections THE FIANNA FÁIL candidate for Dublin in the European elections, Mary Fitzpatrick, has called on Minister Phil Hogan to dedicate half of the seats in the local elections on 23 May to women.

She said the requirements that 30 per cent of candidates in the next general election are female is a “conjuring exercise”.

“In reality we have a de facto male monopoly in Irish politics at present. Less than 16% of our elected representatives in the Oireachtas are female.

Gender equality merits special consideration IPPmedia It is opportune to take stock of the situation with respect to women’s status and gender equality in the world of work.

According to a Statement by the International Labour Organization Director General Guy Ryder (ILO), delivered on the occasion of International Women’s Day, there has been notable progress in the area of national legislation with most countries having incorporated the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Gender inequality crucial to winning battle against poverty Christian Today Christian Aid has said tackling international gender inequality is essential if the battle against poverty is to be won.

In a new report, written to inform delegates attending the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York, Christian Aid urged world leaders to be mindful of gender inequality when drafting the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Men must accept women as equals if development goals are to be achieved The Guardian Men must learn what gender equality means and stop trying to control women’s lives if future development goals are to have any real traction, the head of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said on Monday.

Speaking at a side event at the Commission on the Status of Women(CSW) in New YorkBabatunde Osotimehin, the executive director of the UNFPA, said existing power structures are preventing women from exercising their rights, which will undermine the impact of the next set of sustainable development goals.


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UK: Meet the Tory aide who thinks feminists ‘deserve a good slap’. Ire: Dublin Councillor calls for 50% of seats to go to women in local elections


Meet the Tory who thinks feminists ‘deserve a good slap’ Metro It turns out Ukip don’t have a monopoly on embarrassingly unprofessional loudmouths. A Conservative MP’s aide has been forced to quit his job after saying feminists ‘deserve a good slap’.

Stewart Green, the election agent for David Burrowes MP, has stepped aside after a Facebook rant in which he let rip against women who, in his view, use their gender as an excuse for not being very good at politics.

Image: Mark Stedman via Photocall Ireland

Dublin Councillor calls for 50% of seats to go to women in local elections THE FIANNA FÁIL candidate for Dublin in the European elections, Mary Fitzpatrick, has called on Minister Phil Hogan to dedicate half of the seats in the local elections on 23 May to women.

She said the requirements that 30 per cent of candidates in the next general election are female is a “conjuring exercise”.

“In reality we have a de facto male monopoly in Irish politics at present. Less than 16% of our elected representatives in the Oireachtas are female.

Samantha McRae

AWE apprentice met with Nick Clegg Basingstoke Gazette AN APPRENTICE at AWE met with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in Whitehall at a special reception to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

The event was also designed to support and celebrate women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Samantha McRae, 21, who has been an apprentice at AWE for more than three years, said: “I felt absolutely honoured to be invited to such an amazing event. I never thought I would be going to something like this.

“The AWE apprenticeship scheme has given me real-life skills and knowledge with the future of a great job.

DUNCAN BARKES: Is the sisterhood taking offence for the sake of it? Chichester Observer Interestingly, it is a Conservative female MP (the country’s sports and equalities minister) who sparked the latest so-called sexism row.

She suggested that British women be encouraged to take up ‘feminine’ sports such as cheerleading and ballet.

You can imagine the screeching outrage from various feminist campaigners, including the Everyday Sexism project which predictably condemned her comments. The MP has since said her remarks were taken out of context.

But does it matter even if this were her belief? She is not suggesting women are incapable of participating in other sports, but rather that there is another possible focus. Where is the harm?

Should there be quotas for women in business and politics? THERE is a big debate in the world of those advocating gender parity and it goes like this.

Most companies and countries around the globe have a dearth of women in leadership roles. Many people agree we should be at 50-50, but they don’t agree on how to get there.

For some, progress has to be ground up, based on governments providing structures that support work-life balance, companies adjusting practices to make it possible for parents to combine work and family, women leaning in, and women in power opening the doors for the next generation of women. They believe any other path to progress will be artificial.


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UK: Cameron to host summit on FGM and forced marriage. How Labour will strengthen family life and relationships.

How Labour will strengthen family life and relationships New Statesman Today, Labour’s Policy Review is running a symposium on family life and relationships. In this period of austerity, we need to support families, and use the power of their relationships and the networks they create to help strengthen people’s capacity for resilience,  care, and good neighbourliness.

We are building on the pioneering work of women in the feminist movement and the Labour Party who, along with men like the late Malcolm Wicks, redefined family policy.

Yes and No campaigns battle for female vote Herald Scotland (Subscription) But Labour’s shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran claimed women were not being won over by the Yes campaign, which, she said, just wanted …

David Cameron to host summit on FGM and forced marriage Liberal Democrat David Cameron will play host to Britain’s first Girls’ Summit this summer to galvanise efforts to end female genital mutilation and forced marriage.

The Prime Minister will convene the meeting in July, which will focus on tackling the abuse and oppression of women that is embedded in certain cultures, at home and abroad.

Cameron and Osborne can’t avoid the truth that their policies have hit women hardest New Statesman They say a picture tells a thousand words. And the image last month of David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions – trying to deny his government was out of touch while surrounded by an all-male frontbench – said it all. The lack of women at the top of the government goes to the heart of a deeper problem. As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it’s worth assessing the impact on women of the decisions this government has taken over the last four years.

David Cameron: ‘We Cannot Rest Until Someone Is Prosecuted For Female Genital Mutilation’ Huffington Post David Cameron has vowed to make 2014 the year Britain will “end violence and discrimination against women” by stepping up action on FGM, forced marriage and unfair workplaces.

In a speech to mark International Women’s Day, he said the country would not rest until someone has been prosecuted for the “disgusting” practice of female genital mutilation.

Lucy Powell: Manchester’s first female MP writes on International Women’s Day Manchester Evening News March 8 is International Women’s Day and around the world men, as well as women, will be calling for greater equality for women.

Here in Manchester we have an especially proud history when it comes to fighting for equal rights for women. From those who matched at Peterloo, through the chartists, suffragettes and socialists, brave women like Elizabeth Gaskell, Hannah Mitchell and Emmeline Pankhurst have ensured that our city has always been at the forefront of the fight for equal rights.

Jenny Willott’s speech to Spring Conference Liberal Democrats Before I was elected, I worked at Unicef and I saw there the ability of organisations, businesses and governments to do good in the world.

Unicef is dedicated to bringing the international community together to champion the rights of every child, making sure that no matter who they are or where they live, they can grow up safe, happy and healthy.

The way my friends and colleagues there were committed to building a fairer, safer society, both at home and abroad, was an inspiration then, and it still is today.  And I’m sure they believed in a stronger economy too!

Baroness Northover, who speaks for the government on women and equalities in the Lords, has … BBC News Baroness Northover, who speaks for the government on women and equalities in the Lords, has suggested there is a particular problem with the number of female MPs standing down after one term.

The issue has been in the spotlight recently after Labour claimed the Conservatives have “a problem with women” – variously citing the gender balance in the cabinet and the decision to stand downby MPs Laura Sandys, Lorraine Fullbrook, Jessica Lee and previously Louise Mensch, all elected in 2010.

UK Baroness highlights project to empower women in the Middle East Al-Arabiya UK Senior Foreign Office Minister Baroness Sayeeda Warsi released a statement on Saturday in honor of International Women’s Day, highlighting the Arab Partnership Project, an initiative working to empower women in the Midde East.

The project works with governments, international organizations, and civil society in order for women in the Middle East to have better representation in government and increase their participation in political processes.

Labour leader supports Bolton Westhoughton woman’s sex education campaign The Bolton News LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has declared his support for a campaign urging the government to radically change sex education in schools.

YES Matters, a nationwide movement launched by a Westhoughton woman, is staging demonstrations in Victoria Square, Bolton today, as well as in Downing Street and Albert Square, Manchester.

Gemma Aitchison, aged 27, started the movement in the wake of a decision from the House of Lords to reject plans from the Department of Education to make a new sex education programme mandatory in schools.

Ms Aitchison met with Mr Miliband to discuss the objectification of women in society after her 16-year-old sister Sasha Marsden was murdered by a hotel owner in Blackpool in January 2013.

Blue Rinse Ladies close to outfoxing ‘coward’ Cameron on Hunting Act vote As David ­Cameron reaches the defining moments of his four-year Downing Street tenure, however, come warnings that he is in danger of committing his biggest political mistake by angering a small but increasingly influential Conservative pressure group of a rather different kind.

With international tensions simmering in the Ukraine, the economy on a knife-edge and the hoary questions of Scottish independence and a future EU referendum filling his in-tray, one would think the Prime Minister’s days are pretty well stretched.

Women Making A Difference Amal Ahmed Mohamed Amal Ahmed Mohamed, Director of Somaliland Family Health Association.

Volunteering at the hospital in Hargeisa changed my life. The Edna Adan University Hospital had a reputation for being the best maternity hospital in Somaliland because of the number of difficult cases referred there. The experiences I had there challenged everything I had taken for granted.

Why the UK is putting the spotlight on Syrian women’s issues Al-Arabiya The UK wants a strong voice for Syrian women to help reach a political solution to the Syria crisis.

William Hague, the Foreign Secretary has written to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, Joint Special Envoy Lakhdar Brahimi and Foreign Ministers from a wide range of countries calling for Syrian women’s groups and civil society to have a formal role at the Geneva2 negotiations.

Men Are Target for UN Women’s Rights Campaign Bloomberg The primary audience for the United Nations campaign for women’s empowerment and gender equality won’t be women. The main objective is to first …

Champion mum nets reception with PM This Is Lancashire A DEDICATED mother-of-two is set to raise the profile of women’s football after she was invited to meet the Prime Minister.

As reported last week, Diana Golding, of Turks Road, Radcliffe, had beaten off stiff competition to be named Tesco Mum of the Year.

Now the 44-year-old, who has devoted years to supporting her football-mad daughters, has been granted an exclusive audience with David Cameron.

Today she will travel to Downing Street with her fellow award winners for a reception for inspirational women hosted by the Prime Minister as part of International Women’s Day celebrations.

Don’t just use women in science – listen to them too The Guardian Earlier this week, the Royal Society ran another of its women in science Wikipedia edit-a-thons. As a result, we now have new or improved entries on New Zealand immunologist Barbara Farnsworth Heslop, 18th-century German astronomer Marie Meurdrac, the doctor, lawyer and suffragette Letitia Fairfield and Conservative politician and aeronautical engineer Baroness Platt.

Key figures such as Uta Frith, Susan Solomon, Nancy Rothwell, Lorna Casselton, Gertrude B Elion, Heather Ann Cubie, Bridget Ogilvie and Elizabeth Fulhame are still on a list of entries to be expanded, but simply highlighting this is an important step. You might not recognise these names, but that’s the point: part of the knotty problem of women in science is simply that we don’t hear about them.


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